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How to Choose a Professional Lawn Care Service

how to know you’re hiring a quality company. In lawn care, it’s even more difficult because of how decentralized the business is. This brings great variance between providers. Some will be exceptional. Some will be horrendous.

So how are you to know the difference? Here’s some help:

What You Should Know About Companies This Year

Go through online reviews, but realize that all companies will have some negative things said about them. What you want to look for is the overall vibe that you get. Obviously, if a company has more negative reviews and realistic reports of inadequacy, you can probably trust that they provide poor service. In addition, ask your neighbors which provider they hire and what they think of the company. It could be as easy as that.
Getting Down To Basics with Businesses

License and Insurance

First, if they’re licensed and insured, then you know they’ve devoted their life’s work to professionalism. Second – and more importantly – if they get accidentally hurt on your property, you may be liable. That’s not all. In the event that their mower hucks a rock through your window, their insurer won’t cover the damage.

Professional or Trade Associations

Being part of a trade organization means a company is committed to their work. That includes a commitment to ongoing learning and upholding standards of the lawn care industry.

Customer Service

Find a company with an office manager or owner-operator who always responds promptly and reasonably, one who can be reached easily through email or social media, and uses lawn care scheduling and billing software. This can save you tons of stress and time in the end.

Equipment Maintenance

Changing your blade once or twice per year is usual if you’re mowing your own lawn. Reputable lawn care companies normally change or sharpen their blades everyday or at least every two days. Here’s a handy tip: It shouldn’t be more than ten hours.


In this business, lengthy contracts are commonplace, so don’t be surprised. Simply ask if it’s okay to go without one. Or at the very least, ask if you can have a free trial. This won’t be a problem with good companies.


Finally, you should know that sometimes, companies just don’t have adequate operational capacity, and they collapse and disappear all of a sudden. Check out online reviews to find out which companies are stable or not that stable to be dependable. Ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve heard of the specific company you’re planning to hire. Better yet, simply ask the provider to give you client references and make those calls.