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The Relationship between Stress and Your Oral Health

Weak the immune system is as a result of pressure. In a situation when one is stressed up this weakens your immune system. And since your immune system is the part that helps your body in fighting diseases causing organisms. Since stress reduces the number of white blood cells in the body it put you at a high risk of contracting oral infections. When a person is stressed up the body becomes weak since many body cells are dying.

Stress gives you poor eating habit. When one is stressed up he/she is not eating well. Having poor diet has a result of stress may lead to nutritional deficiency diseases. Lack of this essential food nutrient like proteins and vitamins in your body will expose to oral infections.

Another the impact of stress is poor hygiene. Since stressed people have a lot of activities running through their mind they forget even to clean themselves. Time for brushing your teeth and removing the stuck food particles may not even be there. This is going to provide a home for bacteria which may, in turn, lead to diseases of the teeth like cavities.
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Stress also causes dry mouth. You will always suffer from the dry mouth during periods that you have stressful event ahead of you. Dry mouth results to lack of saliva. Lack of saliva can expose you to many diseases since it has many functions in the general body health. It is utilized in the process of digestion in mixing food particles in the mouth, and it also contains essential enzymes that digest the food nutrients. Food nutrients form part of the immune system in your body so once they do not present you can easily contact a disease.
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Gum the disease is also an impact of stress on oral health. Immune system which fights bacteria. This will make your body weak to the extent that it cannot even fight a simple bacteria. Th gum will become weak and start bleeding as a result of being eaten by the bacteria. The already damaged gum will become terrible with a person suffering from stress. Cleaning gum is severe when it is painful.

It also causes grinding of teeth. Stress makes you grind your teeth without your knowledge. You not only rub your teeth during the day but also at night. Grinding of teeth may cause dislocation of jaw and other teeth related infections.

Mouth Scores are experienced as a result of stress. Insufficient Some vitamins and nutrients in your diet may result in sores. Lack of proteins and vitamins in the body of a stressed up person is as a result of poor dietary.