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How to Host your Website from Home

Businesses have continuously invested in online marketing with the current potential on the online market as well as increasing their market base through websites. Identifing an IT firm that can host a website and carry on the relevant maintenance exercises is an option that is inevitable for small businesses that may not have an IT department but have the need of a business website. Web stacks used for different platforms are Apache, MySQL and PHP both for Linux and Microsoft Windows. WAMP is the web stack for Microsoft Windows while LAMP is for Linux operating systems.

WAMP is simply installed by following onscreen instructions. Once installation of WAMP in complete a is created in the local disk and some HTML and PHP file are in the subdirectories. Your third activity will be to create a HTML page then configure it with MySQL that’s found in phpMyAdmin. For the page to be accessible publicly you should configure it with Apache the create domain name. When hosting a website in a Linux operating system install a LAMP software then check if PHP server is good after that make sure that MySQL server is up and running and if nor reboot the server . The next step is to configure the DNS to a specific IP address the configure Apache to a convenient address.

It is worth mentioning that they are a number of reasons why it is not recommendable to host your website despite having a light touch on how to host you website above. The factors holds the authenticity of your website. Website hosting requires power supply 24/7 all days of a week to ensure it is accessible all the time. Hosting a website will also increase your power bill drastically and whenever there is a major power breakdown your home generator may not be sufficient enough to run for a long time compared to the standby generators used by IT firms which are also very expensive to acquire.

Another advantage for contracting hosting companies is that they will maintain the websites hosting hardware and software. Hosting companies have skilled and experienced staff who will manage your website as you are left with enough time to address other responsibilities. Hosting companies are alert all through to ensure the website is accessible all through. Also when hosting a website you are required to solve all hitches that arise which can be very stressful and require frequent DNS configuration and troubleshooting.

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