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Integrating Drug Testing Into the Employment Background Screening The human capital plays a critical role in business operation. With human resources, there is no business. Even a business with a high capital outlay will require high levels of human capital. Firms are fully aware of this and want to capitalize by recruiting only the best labor force. Thus, employment background screening has become an integral part of recruiting human capital. Background screening helps the companies weed out undesirable characters in their teams by only hiring employee with the highest level of integrity and standards. Drug testing has been added to employment background screening for justifiable reasons. You will learn good reason why it is prudent for you to request your potential employees to undergo a voluntary drug testing. There is exhibition of traits that not good for business production by drugged employees. They are irritable and therefore not suitable to serve as customer support. When customers want help, they may be complaining about your product or service An irritable person may get annoyed and be rude to your customer. This will not be good for your business as this will result to lost goodwill of the customer and bad public image.Every business has desires to give the highest level of care to its customers with a sober mind. People who are using intoxicating drugs tend to be very violent. Such people will constantly be at logger’s heads with their sensors. If they are seniors, they may become a hell for the juniors. There are times when a talented junior will choose to leave the job rather than earn under such conditions. At the end, your business will have lost skills that would have been so critical in lifting it to another level. It is possible for such individual to be violent with their tools. They can easily harm an employee when they use the tools. At the minimum, they can damage them through mishandling.
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Drugged workers tend to be out of reality. They can do things beyond what they were supped to do or even do what they were not supposed to do. Drugs interfere with judgment and they may not, therefore, be suitable employee in decision making position. Other times are when they are absent minded and easily forget their current engagement. Think of how it is if an employee who is selling to a customer suddenly withdraws and moves out with closing the transaction. You will have lost business as well as frustrate your customer. The productivity of employee which are controlled by substance is below the required levels.
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It is important to hire drug screened employees considering that you have business interests to promote. Contact them for a brief description of your needs.