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5 hijab colors that are suitable for brown skin, let’s find out!


For hijabers, especially Indonesian hijabers, you must be confused about choosing the color of the veil that is suitable for brown skin?

Indonesian people are identical with their sweet black skin or commonly known as tan. The name sapodilla itself is taken from the color of the sapodilla fruit that is ripe or ripe, the fruit is brown with a pale hue. Hijab Similar to the original skin color of the Indonesian people.

For people who have tan skin, choosing a hijab color is certainly quite tricky and a little confusing because if you choose the wrong color, your skin will look a little darker and also dull.

Usually, for people with brown skin, the use of hijab colors that are darker than their skin color will make their skin feel lighter. In that case, a dark color like that which is suitable for tan skinned people? Let’s see more!

1. Maroon color

If you want to use a light color, the use of maroon will be suitable for those of you who have tan skin. The maroon color will support your fashion style and make you look brighter, bolder, but it won’t make your skin look dull. On the contrary, the maroon color will make your skin more radiant. The maroon color can also be combined with various outfit colors such as black, gray and even yellow or orange, and pink. You can use this color for a more cheerful look.

2. Black color 

Black is a neutral color that can suit any skin tone. Therefore, the use of black for brown-skinned people is considered safe, aka it fits perfectly. Unisma  Because black is a dark color, wearing a black veil will make your tan skin color one level brighter. Don’t be afraid to look boring when you wear a black scarf, because actually black is the color that you can match with any outfit. The black color also makes the appearance more elegant because it will not seem too much.

3. Beige color 

If you want to wear a veil with a muted color, you can choose a beige color. Beige color is almost the same as skin tone, not too bright and not too dark. This color will make your facial skin look the same and not dull. The beige color is also very trendy. This outfit with this color is viral. You can combine this color with a white cardigan, a brown outer or a black or matching dress. This color also goes well with pink, black, and blue.

4. Navy color 

Same with black, this color is also neutral and dark. Hijab You can wear a navy veil to make your skin look one level brighter. Navy colors can also be combined with various fashion items such as jeans jackets, dark shirts and t-shirts.

5. Gray color 

The next color is gray. This color is perfect for your tan skin tone. If you use a gray veil, your aura will look calmer and feel warmer.

Well, because you have read the information about what color veil is suitable for brown skin, now choosing a veil will not be confused anymore.

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