5 tips for electric bicycles more durable

Well let the battery embedded in your electric bike pride is not easily damaged, for detail electric scooters, avoid the following taboos!

Do not Speed ​​Difficulty
Motorbike that is fueled by gasoline is still okay made speeding because most just empty in gasoline. Stay recharged at the nearest gas station, the problem directly resolved. In contrast to electric power that uses the battery as a power saver. If you use it with high speed, the electricity in the battery will be reduced drastically in a short time. The result is excessive heat that indicates that the cells in the battery must work extra hard. If this incident continues to continue, then be prepared the cells in the battery will be damaged resulting in its ability to save electricity is reduced.

Buy Products That Provide Warranties
Many people are boasting that electrically powered vehicles are much friendlier in the bag than gasoline vehicles. The fact is not always so. Electric bikes can be said to be more efficient if the life of the battery more than 3 years. If every year you have to replace the battery, this indicates that your electric bike wasteful of fuel. In addition to errors in the engine system, it can also be caused by the selection of fake battery. Hard bans are also shown for the use of wet batteries or dry batteries commonly used for motor gasoline. Because the battery for electric vehicles have been designed specifically.

Do not Use Until Out
This is also a bad habit that is often done by the owner of an electric bike. They will use their bikes until the electricity is completely discharged. Only then do the refilling of electrical energy into the battery. If you also have a habit like this, you should start now leave it. Why? Because the battery is left until the power is completely discharged can cause damage to the cells in it. Highly recommended charging when the battery is still about 25-30{e77693399017bec3a96e0660da7218a980df2ece354484cadcd1e38b15aec99e}.

Do not Charging Too Old
Charging power into a battery can be likened to filling water into a bucket. Between the battery and the bucket both have the same storage capacity. So if the water loaded into the bucket is too much, it will spill over. Similarly, the electricity that is put into the battery, if too much to exceed its capacity, the electricity will damage the storage cells in the battery. Usually this is indicated by the condition of the battery that bubbled because of frequent pressed by electrical energy.

Avoid Using Automatic Charger
The development of technology gave birth to a masterpiece of a charger that will work automatically. This charger will charge the battery for some time, then will stop by itself when the sensor inside detects that the battery is full. There are times when you need to avoid using automatic chargers like this. Especially if the battery that is implanted in your electric bike is already empty. Usually empty battery when the charge can not be detected full by the system on the automatic charger.