Best Business Card Printing Services of 2024

Looking for Business Card Printing Services

Print and paper quality: Today, even the cheapest business card printing services provide decent-quality cards, especially if you upgrade to a better cardstock. Remember to request free cardstock samples so that you can see various options. Printing companies typically use digital or offset printers to produce business cards. Vendors, like Moo, offer letterpress printing, which involves etching the design onto a plate, applying ink, and pressing paper against the raised surface.

However, you may notice some differences between low and high-end vendors. For instance, some card buyers reported that cheaper cards had less vibrant colors or the edges weren’t cut cleanly. Before buying business cards, consider how you will use them and if you need quantity over quality or vice versa. A boutique retailer may top off their package with a specialty business card, whereas a staff member attending an expo needs a standard card.

Design tools and services: Business card design and editing tools vary greatly among business card printing services. If you already have a press-ready file, whether it’s one you created yourself using graphic design software or had a graphic designer create, then this is less important. You will need to verify that the file meets the vendor’s upload requirements and that the card sizing is correct.

However, if you’re starting from scratch, it’s a whole other story. Several business card printing services provide customizable templates. Simply choose a suitable layout and upload your logo. Yet, template quality and selection vary. Zazzle has more than 500,000 (developed by independent creators) whereas Moo has over 300 (provided by the vendor). When personalizing your business cards, VistaPrint and Canva have the best design tools. You can start from scratch, match brand colors, add QR codes, and align elements to the grid. Both provide a library of images, icons, and more.

Customization options: Besides choosing cardstock, top-rated business card printing services offer various finishes and die-cutting. These techniques can make your business cards stand out by adding dimension and texture. A bit of gloss or foil can highlight your logo or phone number, just enough to catch a customer’s eye and encourage them to call you. A UV gloss coating gives your cards a smooth, durable sheen, whereas a soft-touch coating has a velvety texture and a softer look.

Printers provide options on one or both sides, such as spot gloss (or embossed gloss) or foil. Some vendors offer painted edges or Trifecta colored edges. Depending on the company, this option may fall under finishes or cardstock. Business card shapes can also set your cards apart. Several printing services offer rounded corners, square cards, and mini cards. Or you can get folded business cards, which can serve as a dual purpose for events. NextDayFlyers has round, half-circle, oval, and leaf cards, whereas PsPrint offers more than 40 unique shapes. You can hand out Rolodex business cards or hearts.

Customer support: Top-rated business card printing services have agents available to answer your questions about the design, production, or shipping process and provide support after you place the order. VistaPrint, MOO, GotPrint, and Zazzle offer online chat and phone services, whereas NextDayFlyers and PsPrint only have phone support. All assist via email, and email is the only method of support Canva offers. Customer service hours vary, with VistaPrint, GotPrint, and NextDayFlyers providing weekend support hours.

Besides agent availability, consider the satisfaction guarantee each company offers. For instance, VistaPrint and MOO have the most inclusive warranties. If you’re unsatisfied, VistaPrint will reprint, credit your account, or refund your payment. Likewise, MOO will make it right if you’re not thrilled with your purchase. Conversely, GotPrint’s guarantee is only for first-time customers and doesn’t include shipping expenses. NextDayFlyers’ guarantee doesn’t apply to custom orders, so business customers should confirm if this applies to business card orders.

Additional services and products: Along with printing business cards, the featured companies offer custom-printed promotional products and professional design services. These options can be helpful for future purchases, whether buying for business conferences, holiday gifts, or customer swag. Since you’ve already purchased business cards and uploaded your logo and brand colors, adding these elements to water bottles, mouse pads, or pens isn’t too challenging. Business card printing services also supply marketing products, like sales sheets, rack cards, menus, and product hang tags.

Using one or two vendors for multiple printing projects can streamline the purchase order process for growing companies. Some printers, like NextDayFlyers, provide direct mailing services. It’s a one-stop shop. The vendor prints your postcards, verifies addresses from your list (or you can rent a list from them), and mails the cards. Most printing companies have design professionals available if you need help designing a flyer or business card. Instead of hiring a designer through Fivrr or an agency, you can work with a professional through a printing company. Pricing varies, and you should contact the vendor to learn more about their professional services.