Best Printers for Small Business of 2024: Expert Picked

Print speed: If your business relies heavily on a printer and you have multiple employees who will use it, choose one with a fast print speed. Solid printers print at around 25-30 ppm, and really fast ones can churn out pages at more than 50 ppm. Some niche printers, like sublimation printers, print much slower than that. Most businesses that don’t rely heavily on a printer will be able to get by just fine with a printer that can print at around 25 ppm.

Print quality and resolution: If you print lots of images and photos, choose a printer with a resolution of at least 1000 dpi. If you only print occasionally, all of the printers on this list can do that perfectly fine.

Connectivity and network compatibility: Most modern printers support Wi-Fi connectivity, but some only connect to a network through an Ethernet cable. If Wi-Fi is important to you, you may be able to buy a network adapter for printers that don’t have it. Some printers also work through USB or MicroSD, which can be handy for photography-focused businesses. “Ease of access is key for both employees and your tech team. Ideally, you want a device that can be paired with a cloud-based printing so after the software is loaded, your employees can print from anywhere and even install new printers on their own without waiting for the support team,” said Nathan Marshall IT Director at Prompt.

Multifunction capabilities: Most consumer-level printers support scanning, copying, and even faxing, and the same is true of many business-focused printers. Not all businesses need these features, and there are plenty of printers that will only print. But if you think you might need scanning or copying functionality, it’s worth buying a printer with these features, considering how common they are.

Cost of consumables: Ink or toner cartridges are generally expensive, although some of them are bigger than others and will therefore last longer. In addition, some printers use less ink to print documents. Generally, the toner cartridges in laser printers last much longer than the ink cartridges in inkjet printers, so if you want to avoid consumables as much as possible, it’s worth going for a laser printer. However, laser printers are usually more expensive upfront and don’t print photos particularly well. “Buying a laser printer will ensure print quality is the best and also save in the long run instead of buying expensive inkjet cartridges,” said Joe Silverman, CEO of New York Computer Help.