Building Brand Awareness for a New Business

With over 500,000 new businesses getting started each month it can be difficult to stand out from all the new companies in your area. To stay relevant, you need to stay fresh in your customers’ mind and for new businesses, you have to first get noticed. Getting noticed, as a new business, starts with brand awareness. You want your potential customers or clients to recognize your brand so they choose you over your competition.

Building brand awareness for a new company can be difficult. You need to get your name out quickly and effectively so that enough people know your brand in order to get the momentum going. Otherwise, it will quickly fizzle out and you will be left in the red each month. For existing companies that already have sizeable capital in place prior to starting up a new business, it can be easy to generate brand awareness just by pumping a lot of cash into their marketing. If you don’t have a lot of startup capital, you may have to get a bit more creative with your marketing in order to effectively build brand awareness.

Utilize the Internet to Spread the Word

If you’re a new service or business trying to build brand awareness, your first place to start should be the internet. Utilizing social media, YouTube, and display advertising, you can quickly reach a large audience without having to spend a large amount on marketing. And, if you have some exciting new break-through product you could also release a press release and utilize PR and content distribution services to get the word out.

Make short videos about your company, products or services that you can share on YouTube via advertising (most YouTube ads cost less than 10 cents per view). You may also want to get your employees involved by making some fun, creative and goofy videos in the work place to help your target audience better relate to your brand.

You will also want to make sure that you have a memorable logo that fits your brand but stands out enough to stick in someone’s mind. You may want to first research colors and how different colors can stimulate different moods to determine which colors to use for your logo.

Give Out Inexpensive Branded Gifts

Free items are always a great way to get customers interested and can also help further your brand’s exposure. Get some customized gifts that you can give away at trade shows, events or just to give to walk-ins. Branded t-shirts, coffee mugs, or water bottles are inexpensive and can be used to increase your brand awareness.

For a brick and mortar store you will also want to make sure that you utilize proper signage and displays so as to attract passerbys and stand out from the other stores in the area. Use business stickers to clearly display your brand in the window along with any pertinent information that a potential customer may want to know – such as business hours, after hours contact information, services you offer, etc..