Canyongate Financial Launches Innovative Digital Marketplace for Faster Business Financings

DALLAS, March 25, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canyongate Financial, a leading finance broker dedicated to helping small businesses secure equipment finance and working capital, announces the launch of CanyonConnect, a state-of-the-art digital marketplace revolutionizing the deal origination process.

“We are thrilled to introduce CanyonConnect, a groundbreaking platform that simplifies and expedites the deal origination process for all parties involved,” said John Innes, Managing Director, Canyongate Financial. “By leveraging artificial intelligence technology and automation, we are committed to empowering small businesses with the resources they need to thrive.”

CanyonConnect utilizes a proprietary machine-learning auto-decisioning program called the Canyongate Decision Engine (CGDE) which powers the funder selection tool designed to present the right deal to the right funder. This technology enables Canyongate to facilitate faster and more efficient deal processing for all parties involved in the origination process.

This platform streamlines the deal origination process by:

· Facilitating efficient access: CanyonConnect utilizes advanced technology to connect operators/merchants and brokers seamlessly, ensuring faster and smoother communication.
· AI-powered matching: Through its proprietary Canyongate Decision Engine (CGDE), CanyonConnect employs machine learning algorithms to match operators/merchants with the most suitable financing options based on their unique needs and financial profile.
· Facilitating win-win outcomes: By presenting the right financing to the right funder, CanyonConnect enables businesses to secure optimal financing, equipment dealers to close more sales, and funders to access a wider pool of qualified merchants.

“CanyonConnect represents the future of small business financing,” said Ricky Sanchez, Managing Director, Canyongate Financial. “This innovative platform streamlines the entire process, allowing businesses to secure funding faster and with greater ease while ensuring funders are presented with high-quality financing opportunities.”

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About Canyongate Financial

Canyongate Financial is a leading finance broker assisting businesses nationwide obtain equipment finance, working capital and the financial resources they need to drive growth and success. Canyongate strives to provide access to the best financing options available in the market, along with personalized service and care from a team of experienced finance specialists.

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