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17 Best Business Websites You Should Be Reading Regularly

There are thousands of websites offering news and advice about the world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. As a busy business owner with very little free time, how can you possibly keep up with everything you need to know?

Here are 17 of my favorite business sites, covering topics such as small business, investing, personal finance, M&A, online business courses, venture capital, angel financing, tech companies, and more (the sites are listed in alphabetical order). Give your business an edge by bookmarking these helpful sites and reviewing them regularly.

Bookmark these business websites


This is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. features articles, advice, forms, agreements, and entrepreneur profiles covering startup topics, M&A, venture capital, angel financing, sales and marketing, careers, and more. The site offers thousands of articles written by experts from many different fields.

2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg provides up-to-the-minute U.S. and international news on financial markets, commodities, currencies, company earnings, technology, and more. The site has numerous articles, feature stories, and videos.

3. Business Insider

Business Insider is a business news site that certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention with its catchy headlines. The articles and videos cover the markets, technology, companies, personal finance, venture capital, investing, and startups as well as more commercial stories on culture and entertainment. Unfortunately, many of the articles are behind a paywall and require a subscription to access.


CNBC is a high-quality comprehensive business news site. It covers the stock market, bonds, cryptocurrencies, personal finance, and in-depth reports on public companies. It also contains many videos from the CNBC TV channel.

5. Financial Times

The Financial Times is a print and digital publisher based in London covering the world economy and markets. The site has particularly strong

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Is tipping getting out of control? Many consumers say yes

Across the country, there’s a silent frustration brewing about an age-old practice that many say is getting out of hand: tipping.

Some fed-up consumers are posting rants on social media complaining about tip requests at drive-thrus, while others say they’re tired of being asked to leave a gratuity for a muffin or a simple cup of coffee at their neighborhood bakery. What’s next, they wonder — are we going to be tipping our mail carriers and dentists, too?

As more businesses adopt digital payment methods, customers are automatically being prompted to leave a gratuity — many times as high as 30% — at places they normally wouldn’t. And some say it has become more frustrating as the price of items has skyrocketed due to inflation, which eased to 6.5% in December but still remains painfully high.

“Suddenly, these screens are at every establishment we encounter. They’re popping up online as well for online orders. And I fear that there is no end,” said etiquette expert Thomas Farley, who considers the whole thing somewhat of “an invasion.”

Unlike tip jars that shoppers can easily ignore if they don’t have spare change, experts say the digital requests can produce social pressure and are more difficult to bypass. And your generosity, or lack thereof, can be laid bare for anyone close enough to glance at the screen — including the workers themselves.

Dylan Schenker is one of them. The 38-year-old earns about $400 a month in tips, which provides a helpful supplement to his $15 hourly wage as a barista at Philadelphia café located inside a restaurant. Most of those tips come from consumers who order coffee drinks or interact with the café for other things, such as carryout orders. The gratuity helps cover his monthly rent and eases some of his burdens

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Top 8 Financial News Apps for 2021

When it comes to investing and stock trading, news and reaction time can make or break an investor. These are the best apps for up-to-date financial news.

1. CNBC Breaking Business News App

The CNBC Breaking Business News app (available on iPhone and Android) is NBC’s flagship financial news app. It gives users access to actionable business news, financial information and market data. The app keeps its users up to date with breaking news alerts that are pushed through even when the app is closed.

The tool allows users to monitor real-time stock quotes and to view interactive charts, receive global business news coverage and watch full episodes of CNBC shows such as “Mad Money” and “American Greed.” The app allows for a customizable watch list to track specific stocks and gain real-time access to associated business news headlines.

2. TheStreet App

TheStreet started as an online informational website but has since rolled out an app for both iPhone and Android. The app provides access to financial news, analysis and stock-picking insights from experts associated with the company.

The app supplies up-to-date market news, opinions and commentaries, technical analyses and actionable data. It also delivers detailed quotes and analysis of stocks and offers a proprietary stock rating model called TheStreet Ratings. The app aims to aggregate information to provide a multimedia financial experience based on data, articles, and videos.

3. Bloomberg: Business News App

The Bloomberg: Business News app gives access to the company’s global business and financial news, up-to-date market data and proprietary portfolio tools. Bloomberg sets its app apart with articles written by the award-winning business and financial journalists at Bloomberg.

The app (available on iPhone and Android) allows users to receive the latest market data, which can be filtered by specific regions or sectors.

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Japan Companies Turn to Apple Waste to Make Eco-Friendly Leather

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A customer looks at products made of apple leather at the Yurakucho Marui department store in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Faux leather is nothing new, but leather made from apple waste has been drawing the attention of both companies and consumers.

Frequently referred to as apple leather, the material has been used in various commercial products overseas as a result of people becoming more environmentally conscious, as well as U.N.’s sustainable development goals. Progress has also been made in Japan to develop the material commercially.

Bags and wallets made of Italian apple leather were on display at a recent sales event at the Yurakucho Marui department store in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

“It’s indistinguishable from real leather,” said university student Taiga Matsumoto, 20, who came to the event. “If the functionality and design are the same, I’d choose the one that is more eco-friendly.”

The products were created by bag and accessory company Lovst Tokyo.

“If you use faux leather made from plants, there will be less livestock production, leading to less carbon dioxide emissions,” said Kaito Karasawa, 31, president of the Tokyo-based company. “Many people choose [these products] as a way to help the environment.”

Apple leather is considered an ethical product as it is manufactured with the environment and people in mind. The products have recently been drawing attention as there is more interest in climate and human rights issues.

As the plant-based leather is made from dried apple cores and pomace that have been crushed and mixed with resin and other materials, it leads to less food waste. Apple leather is light and can stretch, and the texture is very similar to animal leather.

In recent years, progress is being made

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Visualizing the Most Popular Paid Subscription News Websites

Ranked: The Top 50 Most Visited Websites in the World

Estimates vary, but there are upwards of two billion websites in existence in 2023.

If we were to rank all of these websites according to their traffic numbers, we would see a classic power law distribution. At the low end, the vast majority of these websites would be inactive, receiving little to no traffic. On the upper end of the ranking though, a handful of websites receive the lion’s share of internet traffic.

This visualization, using data from SimilarWeb, takes a look at the 50 websites that currently sit at the top of the ranking.

Which Websites Get the Most Traffic?

Topping the list of most-visited websites in the world is, of course, Google. With over 3.5 billion searches per day, Google has cemented its position as the go-to source for information on the internet. But Google’s dominance doesn’t stop there. The company also owns YouTube, the second-most popular website in the world. Together, Google and YouTube have more traffic than the next 48 websites combined.

The power of YouTube, in particular, is sometimes not fully understood. The video platform is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. As well, YouTube has the second highest duration-of-visit numbers in this top 50 ranking. (First place goes to the Chinese video sharing website, Bilibili.)

But Google and YouTube aren’t the only big players on the internet. Other websites in the top 50 ranking include social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. In particular, TikTok has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Here’s the full top 50 ranking table form:

Rank Website Monthly Traffic Category Country
#1 85.1B Search
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Pitney Bowes Comments on Hestia Actions

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI, the “Company” or “Pitney Bowes”), a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics, and financial services, today acknowledged receipt of Hestia Capital’s (“Hestia”) notice of nomination of seven director candidates, constituting a majority slate of director candidates, to the Pitney Bowes Board of Directors (the “Board”) in connection with the Company’s upcoming annual meeting of shareholders.

Consistent with its fiduciary duty to shareholders and the Company’s governing documents, the Board will review any properly noticed nominations in due course. Shareholders are not required to take any action at this time.

The Board and management team have engaged in an open and good faith dialogue with Hestia over many months. Contrary to Hestia’s assertion, Pitney Bowes is always interested in considering well-qualified candidates to join the Board. Moreover, the Board offered to appoint two candidates proposed by Hestia to the Board in December. However, Hestia was unwilling to reach a reasonable compromise. Instead, both their current and prior public announcements demonstrate that they are more interested in fighting than in engaging in constructive conversations to benefit all shareholders, not just themselves. Furthermore, throughout discussions with Hestia, they demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the Company and have failed to articulate a strategy that would justify ceding control of the Company to them.

Pitney Bowes will continue to seek the right path forward that is in the best interests of all shareholders, including potential additions of well qualified candidates to the Board of Directors. The Company will not let Hestia’s unwillingness to seek common ground stand in the way.

The Board and management team remain focused on delivering sustainable future value for all stakeholders and executing the strategy of the Company. As CEO over the past decade, Mr. Lautenbach has overseen and directed fundamental

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Crisp Acquires Meal Box Business De Krat

The Dutch app-based supermarket Crisp has acquired the meal box business De Krat.

The acquisition, which Crisp announced in a LinkedIn post on Monday (Jan. 23), will allow the two companies to pool their resources to better serve their customers.

Both businesses operate in the Netherlands with a heavy emphasis on short, local supply chains. For now, they will retain separate brand identities and websites, but “in time, we will really make it one brand,” Eric Klaassen, Crisp’s co-founder, said in an interview with

For Crisp, the deal marks the second time the company has strategically purchased another company to benefit from business synergies, having acquired the food supplier Eetfabriek in October.

In the case of Eetfabriek, Crisp gained full ownership over a major supply chain partner, helping it to bring more of its food procurement in-house.

Through the latest merger, the grocery app will be able to add meal boxes to its offering. In turn, De Krat customers will be offered the chance to add additional items from Crisp’s inventory to their scheduled boxes.

As Klaassen commented in a article, “as a meal box user, you now have the assortment of an entire supermarket at your disposal. And vice versa, with your grocery shopping you can add the option to always have all ingredients delivered at home for your weeknight meals.”

Beyond being able to diversify its offering, De Krat will also benefit from Crisp’s logistics capacity. Whereas De Krat previously worked with external distribution partners, from now on, Crisp will handle meal box deliveries using its increasingly electrified fleet, the article said.

What’s more, by joining forces with Crisp, the possibility of expanding De Krat’s service to Belgium also opens up.

Although there are no plans to expand beyond the Netherlands immediately, according

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10 Adtech Companies That Are Trying to Preserve Ad Targeting and Measurement

  • Privacy policies from tech giants like Apple have taken a heavy toll on the ad industry’s revenue.
  • New laws in Europe and the US, and coming restrictions from Google, will soon make an even bigger impact.
  • But some new tech promises to restore digital advertising’s targeting and measurement capabilities.

The digital ad industry is scrambling as consumer anti-tracking policies from big tech companies like Google and Apple and privacy regulations across the world have already started to wipe out ad revenue.

McKinsey has said that the publishers rely on targeted ads for 80% of their revenue. By one estimate, Apple’s 2021 app tracking privacy change alone was expected to erase $16 billion in revenue from the world’s biggest digital ad companies last year.

The industry is racing to invent new tech that can help preserve online advertising. But that’s easier said than done, as even Google has failed so far to figure out how to target and measure digital ads in a way that also respects consumer privacy.

“As every year progresses, it’s much more of an existential issue for the ad industry than the year prior,” said Anthony Katsur, CEO of IAB Tech Lab, an ad industry trade group. Two of the IAB Tech Lab’s biggest priorities for 2023 are meant to figure out how digital advertising can thrive while being respectful of consumer privacy. “Privacy will be the issue of our time for the next five years,” Katsur added.

The ad industry has pinned its hopes on three types of solutions to solve the loss of cookies online, according to multiple experts.

The first are contextual solutions, which let advertisers find people based on the content they’ve consumed online. A food brand, for example, can target ads at people reading an online recipe.

Second are cleanrooms, which

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Beautiful Plastic Business Cards A Show Of Class In Business

Axiom Print Boss Made This Statement on the Social Media Platform

Whether kick-starting a small business or planning to grow an already existing one, the place of branding cannot be overemphasized. Everyone loves well-packaged product as a show of quality and standard. But most newbie entrepreneurs usually relegate branding in their business, thereby reducing their chances of getting a fair share of the market. The owner of Axiom print has explained how to brand a business through various means, including quality Plastic Business Cards. To learn about branding and business card printing, listen to the owner of a high-ranking printing company.

“Welcome to Axiom print, a printing and business branding company with the best brain in terms of human capital. We are a group of experienced branding experts with graphic, design, and printing skills. Axiom print has the best graphic designers that can communicate the strength of every business to the intended customers. Letting people know the quality standard behind a business is one way to increase its popularity. That is why we offer different printing and branding services. We offer printing services useful to thousands of businesses out there. Our White Plastic Business Cards printing comes with untold quality assurance and beauty,” Said Axiom print boss.

“We provide tailored printing service to all our customers at Axiom Print. On-demand printing through express service, quality control, and customized and personalized services are our mainstays, and we are ready to do more. We ensure that our clients have their business presented to the target audience subtly and professionally. That is why we have introduced Plastic Business Card Printing with a design that compels and reveal the quality standard of a business. More so, Axiom print has been in the business of printing branded materials for years, which made it easier

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Earnings preview: Payments companies face up to 4Q

As card giants, payments processors and fintechs report quarterly results in coming weeks, the reports will show how a difficult economy has impacted their customers.

Over the next five weeks, card issuers and networks, fintechs and payments processors will share key data on consumer spending and payment volume, credit metrics such as delinquencies and charge-offs, merchant and bank technology trends — all of which is colored by inflation, rising interest rates and concerns of higher unemployment. 

For instance, PayPal is expected to be impacted by consumers’ discretionary spending pullback and the stagnation of e-commerce. If small business owners are hurting, that could affect merchant service providers including Block’s Square and Fiserv’s Clover. 

At card issuers American Express and Discover, inflation and rising interest rates may result in higher charge-off rates and delinquencies.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

As consumer demand declined in the fourth quarter, consumer payments volume growth slowed for credit and debit card issuers, suggesting the biggest U.S. card networks, Visa and Mastercard will also be negatively impacted. Those card networks report their quarterly earnings Jan. 26.

Visa and Mastercard are likely to report slower volume growth for the quarter, although consumer spending remained somewhat healthy, Bank of America analyst Jason Kupferberg wrote in a Jan. 19 note to investor clients.

The two likely benefited from rising cross-border activity during the quarter, and foreign exchange volatility potentially bolstered cross-border revenue for Visa in particular, Kupferberg said.

Discover Financial Services was the first card company to report Q4 earnings on Jan. 19. Its net charge-off rate ticked up to 2.13% in the quarter.

“Consumers are starting to significantly increase their revolve rates, likely indicating pressure,” Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Dominick Gabriele wrote in a Jan. 18 note to investor clients.

Discover also increased its credit loss provisions to $883 million

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