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Financial suggestions for Canadian ladies business owners

Have faith in your instincts. Expand your networks. Be bold. Desire large. These were amid the impressive messages shared at a the latest virtual conference highlighting the financial challenges experiencing Canadian women of all ages business owners.

Hosted by the Women’s Company Businesses of Canada (WEOC) and co-sponsored by Export Progress Canada (EDC), the month-lengthy celebration (Feb. 1-22) involved professional discussions and presentations on crucial concerns impacting ladies-led corporations. It was also an chance to community with economic advisors, internet marketing specialists and women business leaders throughout Canada about the pros of exporting.

“There are a lot of added benefits for Canadian corporations to promote their items and solutions internationally. In point, investigation exhibits Canadian organizations that export can increase profitability by 121%, productivity by 30%, and innovation by 25%,” said Catherine Seashore, EDC’s national direct for Girls in Trade and a moderator at the 3rd once-a-year WEOC X: Exchange, Expand, Investigate Nationwide Meeting.

But she admits exporting also will come with myriad worries.

“Every business on the cusp of expanding internationally—or in the thick of it—needs entry to money. We also know that doing enterprise internationally can be risky, and non-payment is one of the leading risks organizations are concerned about when promoting internationally.” 

For women of all ages entrepreneurs, who tend to be extra possibility averse than their male counterparts, even asking for fiscal guidance can be tough, let on your own pitching their enterprise to enterprise money traders.

“We’ve all read the stats about the share of fairness cash heading to women of all ages and various founders. Gals-owned companies at present obtain just 2.8% of venture cash (VC) funding accessible throughout the world, and an estimated 4% of VC funding in Canada,” Beach mentioned of the investment inequality. 

“Women are also underneath-represented between equity

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SVB Fallout Spreads Around World From London to Singapore

The fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is beginning to spread around the world.

Article content

(Bloomberg) — The fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is beginning to spread around the world. 

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Sex traffickers are using shell companies to launder illicit profits in Canada

Illustration by Celeste Colborne

Sex trafficking is one of the toughest crimes to investigate. But now, new groundbreaking methods are exposing criminal hot spots across Canada long hidden from view.

According to a new data analysis by Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC, transnational criminals who reap billions of dollars in sordid profits appear to be operating at hundreds of illicit massage parlours in the country.

TRSS, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters Corp., identified 700 such businesses as part of their Canadian case study. The company uses data and technology to help law enforcement and government agencies identify and nab criminals involved in human trafficking – a complex crime that involves the recruitment, transport and control of vulnerable individuals.

(Woodbridge Co. Ltd., the Thomson family holding company and controlling shareholder of Thomson Reuters, also owns The Globe and Mail.)

TRSS’s findings – which were shared exclusively with The Globe and will be provided to law enforcement agencies across Canada this week – were based in part on an in-depth assessment of data scraped from online review boards used by men to find Canadian businesses that provide “happy ending” sexual services.

Various police agencies are expected to use the TRSS research to launch new sex-trafficking investigations or augment their existing probes.

The case study’s preliminary findings, however, indicate that criminals who exploit susceptible women and girls are also using Canadian shell corporations to wash the proceeds of their crimes.

That long-standing money-laundering technique is effective because there are millions of these private companies and no public information about their owners – underscoring why economic-crime experts are urging Ottawa and the provinces to move quickly to create a comprehensive corporate registry covering all of Canada.

Without it, law enforcement will continue to have limited information to investigate these crimes. “There’s so much money

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Study update Possibility Intelligence, Q4 2022: Substantial worldwide prospects can give a raise

Investigate update, Danger Intelligence

Read the complete investigate update listed here:

Hazard Intelligence has adopted new accounting concepts for its revenue recognition. Net sales ended up marginally above our modified forecast, whilst profitability lagged. Significant units ARR grew year-on-year by 9.7% to DKK 16.0m. We estimate a honest price for every share of DKK 5.7 (6.7).

Income over anticipations and new income recognition method

To superior evaluate Danger Intelligence to other organizations with a large proportion of recurring revenues, the firm has preferred to periodise the recurring revenues. That is, in its place of recognising them as revenue when the consumer is invoiced.

The adjust in accounting was carried out forward of the Q4 report. For the duration of the past quarter, web gross sales increased by 11.1% to DKK 4.8m. That was a little over our forecast of DKK 4.6m. In parallel, the most important corporations go on to make development. At the finish of Q4 2022, recurring program profits (Method ARR) amounted to DKK 16.0m, corresponding to a progress of 9.7%. Note that adjustments in accounting policies negatively impacted the ARR determine. ARPU grew by 9.4% 12 months-on-12 months. Revenues from the present shopper base amplified by around 11%.

The charge foundation, excluding depreciation and amortisation, enhanced by 42.5%. At the exact same time, the unfavorable EBITDA result of minus DKK 2.5m improved by a element of 2.2x, YoY. We experienced expected an EBITDA outcome of minus DKK .8m. No cost dollars flow was minus DKK 1.4m, in contrast to minus DKK 1.2m in Q4 2021. At the conclusion of Q4 2022, cash amounted to DKK .3m. Finances are as a result below strain. In our situation, the business will need to have to raise new exterior money. Also, all through the recent quarter, the business has reimbursed

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How accurate are dog DNA tests? We unleash the truth

If you’re puzzled about the breed of your dog, you aren’t alone. There are a number of dog DNA companies to help owners uncover the mysteries of their mutts.

But a Marketplace test found dog DNA tests geared toward consumers won’t necessarily give owners the answers they’re looking for. 

Marketplace recruited two mixed-breed dogs, one purebred dog and one human (Marketplace‘s very own Travis Dhanraj) to test the accuracy of consumer dog DNA tests. Their DNA was sent to four companies that claim to specialize in dog genetic testing: Wisdom Panel, Embark, Accu-metrics and DNA My Dog. 

Nearly all the results were different, even for the same dog, despite all claiming nearly 100 per cent accuracy rates. 

WATCH | The full Marketplace investigation:

Dog DNA testing kits: How accurate are they?

Curious about what breed your dog is? You’re not alone. Dog DNA testing kits are soaring in popularity. Marketplace recruits several dogs and puts four companies to the test to see which ones are worth the cost and most accurate.

Meet the dogs

Molly, a five-year-old rescue dog from Kuwait, had stumped owner Marilyn Burbidge for years. 

“We think she may be Saluki-Anatolian shepherd, but when you look at her she looks husky, so we have no idea.”

Elinor Karlsson, the director of the Vertebrate Genomics Group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, says when a dog appears to be a mix of many breeds, you shouldn’t rely on conventional traits — like looks or behaviour — to determine the breed. 

“People tend to hone in on particular characteristics that they associate with breeds,” said Karlsson, “but once you mix many different breeds together, the traits start interacting with each other.”

A grey and white dog with floppy ears that doesn't resemble any particular breed looks past the camera with deep brown eyes.
Molly is a five-year-old rescue dog from Kuwait. Her adoption papers suggested she is
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Remote Jobs: These Canadians Don’t Leave Their Couch for Work

Helen Chen works for a tech company based out of Ireland, and reports to a boss in California

When I was in high school, I moved from my hometown of Nanjing, China, to Seattle, where I lived with a host family. I went to university for early-childhood education and teaching and later moved to Canada, where I did my master’s in curriculum studies at the University of Toronto. I graduated in May 2020, and by September, I’d found a job at a tutoring company training teachers and developing learning materials. The company implemented a hybrid schedule in 2021, so I was in the office three days a week. It was a 30-minute drive from my house in Markham, and since I hate taking public transit, my husband would drive me.

During the pandemic, I became interested in instructional design, which is self-directed e-learning. I asked my tutoring company if I could try developing new e-learning materials, but they weren’t interested.

I started job searching in March 2022. Instructional-design jobs are hard to find. It’s not a big market, and as a newbie, I didn’t have a lot of experience. I only applied to three jobs. Two were with Canadian companies—one in HR and the other in health care. The third was with a project-management software company called Teamwork, which is based out of Cork, Ireland. They were looking for someone to develop instructional materials for their software.

I had four interviews at Teamwork between April and May. The HR talent head was based in England and my prospective manager was in Sacramento, Calif. The job was a permanent, fully remote position. I didn’t really care where the company was located.

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Science And Technology Currently Additional Labor Intensive Than Agriculture

Labor expenses now make up around two-thirds of U.S. company analysis and progress (R&D), illustrating how crucial accessibility to superior-skilled talent is to America’s economic system. In comparison, only about 13% of input fees on U.S. farms for agricultural production, on typical, are labor-associated. (It’s 39% for specialty crops.)

“Labor expenses accounted for $372 billion of U.S. business research and development expenses in 2020—or in excess of two-thirds of the $538 billion in small business R&D general performance,” in accordance to a modern report from the Countrywide Centre for Science and Engineering Studies. “In 2020, these labor expenses bundled $300 billion in salaries, wages, and fringe positive aspects $48.3 billion in stock-dependent payment and $23.5 billion in short term staffing.

“Across all industries, R&D depends on the creative enter of qualified and usually really educated workers, but labor fees as a share of complete R&D effectiveness varies between the industries tracked by BERD [Business Enterprise Research and Development Survey].”

Additional than 80% of the data sector’s R&D expenditures are for labor, according to the hottest data. For prescription drugs and medicines production, 56% of R&D goes to expending on labor. In regular pounds, company expending on R&D amplified 63% amongst 2010 and 2020 (from $279 billion to $538 billion). Even though the proportion of exploration and improvement spending did not modify a lot throughout this time period, the share of R&D spending linked to inventory-based compensation increased from 3% in 2010 to 9% in 2020.

At U.S. universities, only about 25% to 30% of comprehensive-time graduate learners in electrical engineering and computer system and info sciences are U.S. college students. That signifies legislation

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The following Management's Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A") is intended to help
the reader understand the results of operations and financial condition of
Equifax Inc. MD&A is provided as a supplement to and should be read in
conjunction with our consolidated financial statements and the accompanying
Notes to Financial Statements in Item 8 of this Form 10-K. This section
discusses the results of our operations for the year ended December 31, 2022
compared to the year ended December 31, 2021 and the year ended December 31,
2021 compared to the year ended December 31, 2020. All percentages have been
calculated using unrounded amounts for each of the periods presented.

As used herein, the terms Equifax, the Company, we, our and us refer to
Equifax Inc., a Georgia corporation, and its consolidated subsidiaries as a
combined entity, except where it is clear that the terms mean only Equifax Inc.

All references to earnings per share data in MD&A are to diluted earnings per
share, or EPS, unless otherwise noted. Diluted EPS is calculated to reflect the
potential dilution that would occur if stock options or other contracts to issue
common stock were exercised and resulted in additional common shares


Equifax Inc. is a global data, analytics and technology company. We provide
information solutions for businesses, governments and consumers, and we provide
human resources business process automation and outsourcing services for
employers. We have a large and diversified group of clients, including financial
institutions, corporations, government agencies and individuals. Our services
are based on comprehensive databases of consumer and business information
derived from numerous sources including credit, financial assets,
telecommunications and utility payments, employment, income, educational
history, criminal history, healthcare professional licensure and sanctions,
demographic and marketing data. We use advanced statistical techniques, machine
learning and proprietary software 
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Workforce Want Business enterprise Systems to be Additional Collaborative

The pandemic has cemented collaboration software program as the hub for wherever function gets performed, but the day by day functions of a enterprise largely come about in other specialised programs, this kind of as computer software for economical preparing, offer-chain administration, and running shopper interactions. This can guide to a ton of “invisible” work for personnel to bring details, details, and insights to the areas exactly where colleagues are creating choices and going tasks forward.

Microsoft’s most current study on enterprise traits compiles input from 2,700 staff and 1,800 business enterprise final decision makers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan across job features to uncover the methods know-how is — or is not — assisting them do their get the job done. We discovered that, even though advancements in place of work technological know-how can accelerate employees’ capacity to get on far more significant operate and lower place of work churn, it’s only 50 % the equation in strengthening employee knowledge.

Workforce are wanting for tools that help collaboration seamlessly, automate repetitive perform, and guidebook with insights, and that can be custom-made for precise business troubles. Here’s how leaders can spend in these spots to recognize performance gains in working day-to-working day functions and free up their groups to do a lot more significant work.

Make collaboration a hub for all kinds of operate

Currently, personnel want electronic applications that adapt to their special ways of working. Practically all surveyed employees (91%) work remotely at minimum a person or two times a 7 days. To most effective assistance this new planet of work, 85% of staff cited collaboration applications as one particular of the most vital regions of aim.

Each and every business section works by using various application to handle popular responsibilities particular to their roles

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9 Means Social Media Impacts Your Enterprise

Social media isn’t just a digital billboard for your brand name: It is a portal to immediate link with your excellent buyers and a pathway to strong insights. From consumer treatment to study to recruitment initiatives, the effects of social media extends to every aspect of your business.

In accordance to The 2022 Sprout Social Index™, purchaser-centric brands use social info to notify their:

  • Gross sales tactic
  • Solution enhancement
  • Material technique
  • Shopper practical experience
  • Competitive perception
  • Sector investigation
A chart from the Sprout Social Index™ that reads, "My brand uses social data for..." with responses from marketers. Respondents indicated sales strategy (65%), product development (48%) and content strategy (46%) were the top three uses.

By tapping into the ample positive aspects and small business insights social media provides, you can transform the way your overall firm operates.

9 approaches social media affects your whole organization

Below are nine approaches social media specifically impacts enterprises at each individual stage of the customer journey.

1. Social media transforms client provider

Customer services on social media is a non-negotiable aspect of an omnichannel assistance approach. Consumers tag and direct concept makes to resolve their difficulties throughout platforms, and hope for swift, handy and personalized responses in return. According to Index data, much more than 3-quarters of consumers count on a response on social inside of 24 hours.

A data visualization that reads: "How quickly consumers expect a response on social vs. brands' average response times." The correlating chart proves more than 75% of consumers expect a response in 24 hours or less.

Reaction prices have really serious impacts on buyer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Utilizing a seamless assistance system allows you to boost the life span worth of your current buyers and push earnings growth. Perfectly-orchestrated customer support endeavours also deliver beneficial insights about your customers’ expertise that enable your small business evolve.

But it can be tricky for a customer assist staff to continue to be on leading of a number of social platforms. By applying a resource like Sprout Social’s Clever Inbox, your purchaser-experiencing groups can unify social channels into a one stream to keep track of incoming messages, foster discussions and answer to audiences more rapidly.

A screenshot of Sprout Social's Smart Inbox tool displaying messages from multiple social platforms in one feed.

You can also benchmark and

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