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How to Have Merchant Portal that can Help in Doing Online Business

The Merchant Portal is quite useful in offering you a complete and up to date overview of all the online transactions that occur on your e-commerce site. You will find out all the information about transactions and settlements for all acquired card types and in addition to all this, the details available there are also updated daily. From the merchant portal you would be able to enjoy the direct access to news and other information concerning card acquiring and in same very way, you will be helped in navigating to find the information and figures that you want to find out. You can perform the searches on single transactions or at a batch level. The result of all such search can be presented for the entire store chain or single stores in the most organized way possible.

Merchant portal also helps in reporting in different formats and your settlement reports can also be downloaded in the variety of formats depending upon your needs. In the event that your business has special needs for importing data to other programmes or systems then you can use Merchant portal for the needed system adjustments. You will also be helped with the emailing of all the reports to you. These services ensure personal and secure log in for you as well. You will be allowed to log into the Merchant Portal by using a personal username and password. This will offer you access to personal sites customized to the needs of your business and in addition to this, you will be allowed to administrate your acquiring agreement with Teller. With a merchant portal you also enjoy lots of possibilities as you will be allowed to have the overview of card based turnover to date along with this, turnover will be presented for individual stores and the entire chain. You can also get the historical turnover information along with graphical presentation of turnover trends.

Merchant portals like EveryPay, CCAvenue, Paytm, etc. help you in downloading of settlement reports along with export and download all search results and statistics. You will also have the possibilities to search on card number, transaction amount, News, Questions and Answers, Word list, other useful information for the customer and so on. With a Merchant Portal, users can get a proper overview of all the online payments. They will be able to get detailed data of all payments and they will also be provided an option to create custom reports, monitor payment related details and statistics etc. They will be able to do payment analysis in the easiest possible way possible. They will have the option to display full payment history using different filters and data export possibilities and hence by doing so, Merchant portal lets them to conveniently cancel the authorization on their customer account and refund the money that’s been already debited. Some of the functionality that you get from Merchant Portal are full payment history, different filters and export option, detailed payment overview, payment cancellations and refunds, fraud detection tool, subscription management, E- shop settings management and so on.

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