How to Maintain Good Relationships with Coworkers

No matter where you work, there’s a good chance your place of business has various social hierarchies. Said hierarchies are often difficult to navigate and have the potential to wear people down emotionally. In fact, in many corporate settings, workers go to ridiculous lengths to uphold unofficial pecking orders. Instead of burdening yourself with this type of needless responsibility, it’s in your best interest to focus on your own behavior and individual relationships with your coworkers. In the interest of maintaining good relationships with the people you work with, take the following advice to heart.

Avoid Taking Credit for Other People’s Ideas

Backstabbing is all-too-common in the corporate world. Many people have no qualms about claiming credit for someone else’s ideas and/or hard work if they stand to benefit from doing so. While taking unearned credit can help your career prospects in the short term, it’s guaranteed to elicit feelings of intense guilt and put you in a bad place with your coworkers. Even if you’ve been burned by credit-takers in the past, emulating their behavior is not justified, nor will it do you any favors with your fellow employees.

Improve Your People Skills

If you’re socially withdrawn by nature or simply have difficulty relating to other people, consider working with a career and life coach. In addition to helping you get ahead in your career, this person will provide you with the tools you need to improve your people skills and form lasting relationships with your coworkers.

Shy Away from Workplace Gossip

Gossip can be poison in any workplace. Even a seemingly harmless rumor can cause irreparable damage to a coworker’s professional reputation and/or social standing. With this in mind, make a point of avoiding office gossip at every turn. Not only should you abstain from starting it, you should also refuse to spread any tidbits that come your way.

Adhering to confusing social hierarchies at your workplace can be tremendously stressful and serve as an unwanted distraction from your job duties. If you want to build and maintain cozy relationships with your coworkers, you’d do well to treat others as you wish to be treated. Even though certain people make it look difficult, getting along with coworkers is actually quite simple. By refusing to take credit for other people’s ideas, working to improve your people skills and avoiding workplace gossip, you’ll be laying the groundwork for lasting harmony in your professional circle.