Liquid Advertising Reveals Insights and Trends shaping Digital Marketing through new “Data Dive” Series

A worldwide consumer appetite for social media and ongoing video dominance shapes the future of digital marketing.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2023/ — Liquid Advertising, an independent, full-service, global advertising and marketing agency, has just released groundbreaking findings from their latest “Data Dive” research series. The study is based on results from over 500 online campaigns between 2019 and April 2023. Liquid’s Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Data Team helped review thousands of variables to come up with interesting and actionable insights into the state of the advertising market.

To date, Liquid Advertising has released six Data Dives pertaining to digital marketing, each featuring a key area that Liquid Advertising believes highlights the connection between strategy and action as a key determining factor in deriving value from digital marketing efforts. According to the analysis, the right combination of digital transformation actions can unlock additional market capitalization and consumer spending.

Liquid Advertising’s analysis is focused on the collective digital, media, and video impacts across consumer consumption of content. The first six insights include:

Data Dive 1: Online Cost Per Views (CPVs) drop nearly 85% since 2018

“Video viewership is increasing faster than ad spends and this stunning drop in costs will lead to a lot of opportunities for savvy marketers and buyers. In addition, we foresee an opportunity with globalization and increasing ad spend outside of relatively high-cost countries.”

Data Dive 2: Stunning Growth of TikTok over 100% of total ad impressions

“TikTok’s rapid rise to become the dominant media outlet for younger audiences is a game changer for marketers who learn to use it effectively. While TikTok eclipses YouTube in video views among younger audiences, there are cost savings when ad impression % are larger than ad spends.”

Data Dive 3: Video advertising share of online impressions up over 100%

“The ubiquity of online video has led to amazing opportunities for advertisers to speak to niche audiences on different platforms. But we have to rethink how marketers typically approach video production. While online video consumption continues to rise rapidly compared to other media there is also a rising cost effectiveness of video ad formats to be considered.”

Data Dive 4: TikTok and Meta as big Social Media Winners

“Despite challenges, Meta remains strong, and TikTok’s growth seems to be coming more at the expense of other media. There has also been advertiser pullback from Twitter following acquisition and concerns about brand safety. Despite challenges, Meta maintains a strong market position and continues to have growth in users.”

Data Dive 5: Google and Meta dominance in online advertising

“While facing increased competition, among certain demographics, the duopoly between Google and Meta remains the dominant force in online advertising – especially to reach the gaming demographic.”

The surge in online video consumption, driven in large part by the exponential rise of TikTok, has captured the undivided attention of customers who are glued to their smartphones. Liquid Advertising urges marketers to seize this golden opportunity by creating captivating video content that will skyrocket sales for their clients.

Data Dive 6: Exploring Advertising Efficiencies in Mexico:

“Even adjusting for purchasing power parity – Dramatically lower CPMs and higher response rates in Mexico make this an attractive market for any advertiser looking to see greater efficiencies with their marketing spend.”

Will Akerlof, the founder, President, and CEO of Liquid Advertising, shares his insights on these data points. “The pace of change in online advertising continues to be astonishing. Each change brings about new opportunities for savvy marketers to capitalize on new efficiencies and new markets.”

Liquid Advertising encourages marketers and industry professionals to stay tuned for future deep dives that will shed light on the relative performance of other advertising formats. Additional Data Dive statistics will be released throughout the year.

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