NVIDIA Leads the Way in AI Development for Advertising and Marketing

Jamie Allan, the director of business development, global agencies and advertising at NVIDIA, discusses the company’s involvement in the advertising and marketing industry’s adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). Over the past several months, there has been a significant increase in the use of AI in the media industries, particularly in broadcasting, content creation, and visual effects. NVIDIA, known for its expertise in GPU technology, has been at the forefront of this trend.

NVIDIA has been working closely with media companies and advertising agency groups, including a partnership with WPP, to evolve the content supply chain for marketing using AI. One example is the use of their Omniverse platform, which allows for the creation and development of 3D worlds and complex content solutions. WPP has built on top of this platform to offer new solutions to their clients, particularly in the automotive sector.

The collaboration between NVIDIA and WPP aims to accelerate and automate tedious tasks involved in using CAD data, while still allowing creatives and engineers to use familiar tools. The Omniverse platform, along with AI-powered tools being developed with partners like Getty, will enable creatives to produce more variations of 3D imagery quickly and easily. This capability has proven to drive commercial growth and personalization.

In addition to WPP, NVIDIA has long-term relationships with other key players in the advertising industry such as Google, Meta, and Adobe. The company believes that collaboration with brands and agencies will empower creatives to build new tools and capabilities. They are also partnering with other companies in the AI ecosystem, such as BRIA and SentiOne, to expand the reach of AI in advertising.

However, the challenge for many companies, especially larger ones, is integrating AI into their existing creative processes and structures. Jamie emphasizes the importance of centralizing AI and building a team that understands the technology and can ensure safety and guardrails. NVIDIA has developed tools like NeMo Guardrails to help developers safeguard their AI projects.

Overall, AI has become a game-changer in the advertising and marketing industry, and NVIDIA is leading the way with its expertise and partnerships. The company’s focus on vertical solutions, combined with its partnerships and vast ecosystem, provides a powerful platform for the industry to leverage AI’s capabilities.

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