Shaping the future of the marketing & advertising industry

The Oberoi, Gurugram, was the podium for an unforgettable evening as Storyboard18’s Visionaries event took place. This assemblage witnessed luminaries from the advertising and marketing industry who shared their incredible journeys in steering the ever-evolving terrain of disruptive technology.

In an age where platforms reevaluate how companies coalesce with consumers, it is the visionaries who are at the front, using innovative technologies to drive industries ahead. They are the creators of a future we desire, and Storyboard18 is dedicated to acknowledging and honouring these innovative and brilliant minds in the marketing sphere.

Honouring and inspiring leaders: The ‘Visionaries’

The evening was a powerful display of the marketing and advertising industry’s past, present and promising future. Suresh Narayanan, managing director of Nestlé India, delivered a dynamic and motivating keynote address, filling the event with energy and enthusiasm.
Storyboard18 grabbed the prospect of not only honouring the ‘Visionaries’ but also celebrating and motivating leaders in the advertising and marketing industry.

The occasion featured compelling panel conversations on key issues, including a spirited discussion on the evolving relationship between CEOs and their CMOs, analysing whether CMOs can step into the shoes of CEOs themselves. The panel was led by Delshad Irani, editor, Storyboard18, with eminent panellists including Aseem Kaushik, MD, L’Oreal India; Kulmeet Bawa, president and MD, SAP India; Adobe India; Sukhleen Aneja, chief executive officer, Good Glamm Group; Prativa Mohapatra, vice president and managing director; Madhav Sheth, CEO, HTECH; and Devendra Chawla, CEO, GreenCell Mobility.

The entire session had some invaluable insights on how the big marketing opportunity has arrived, called for action in the present, and the elemental role played by the CEOs driving their company’s growth agenda. CMOs are on the runway with the CEOs, and a powerful alliance will meditate on the development and numbers intensely.

Steering the start-up revolution of the nation

As the evening rolled, Vani Gupta Dandia was enthralled in an informative chat with Mr Sanjeev Bhikchandani, the visionary founder and executive vice chairman of Info Edge. The conversation furnished a profound understanding of the mind of a luminary who has played an extremely vital role in India’s start-up revolution. Mr Bhikchandani’s experiences and knowledge function as a pole star in the world of start-ups.

Saurabh Khattar on The Ever-evolving Landscape of Media Quality in Advertising

The evening also featured an enlightening chat between Storyboard18’s Shibani Gharat and Saurabh Khattar, country manager, India, Integral Ad Science, concentrating on the central theme of media quality in the rapidly maturing landscape of Indian advertising. With India’s advertising industry projected to grow at a CAGR of 11 percent from 2024-2032, managing media quality is important.

The discussion revolved around this theme for the future of promotion in India – the State of Media Quality in the country and how it’s poised to develop in the first quarter of 2024.

Suvrat Bhooshan: Introducing AI to elevate marketing

An AI stalwart himself, Suvrat Bhooshan, the founder of Gan.AI, infused fresh winds into how marketing is done in 2023. In a captivating session, he shed light on how Generative AI (GenAI) is changing the face of engagement, content, and customer campaigns.
The overall marketing landscape is now being revolutionised more than ever before. It was evident from Mr Bhooshan’s talks with Shibani that AI can now bring about positive changes in productivity and scalability and change the way marketing programs are traditionally run. This is where AI partners like GAN.AI add value to their clients’ journeys by bringing contextual AI strategies tailored to specific business needs.

Network18 Group: Orbit-shifting into a New Media Tech Era

Expressing her views on Storyboard18’s Visionaries, Storyboard18’s Irani said, “What initially started as an idea has now shaped into a transformation engine. Visionaries by Storyboard18 is now a confluence of thought leaders who inspire innovation and challenge the status quo. It provides a platform to challenge conventions, re-think the current ways of working and engineer the future on the principles of customer value, technology and efficiency. It is a platform that is now shaping the future and building excellence in marketing and advertising.”

It started with an outline of Network18 Group’s distinctive presence, traversing India’s various linguistic landscapes and expanding beyond boundaries. From global giants like CNBC, News18, CNN, and Forbes to the local influence of Local18, Network18 has redefined the media industry. With a focus on impactful, purpose-led endeavours and strengthened by celebrated faces, Network18 welcomes technology in a converged newsroom. It is not only a media company but a media tech powerhouse.

At Network18 Group, the pursuit of providing the right information and facts most genuinely to viewers is the key. A world where the news that people watch has the ability to change and shape the future. Network18 Group strives for such a world. The evening witnessed an exhilarating journey, exploring the incredible impact of Network18 Group.

Celebrating the Unparalleled View of Marketing Excellence

The entire evening was a curtain raiser on the latest trends that are shaping the industry. The event had been poised to reveal the extraordinary, where the ordinary serves as a stepping stone, and transformative industry changes are on the horizon. It harnesses the collective brilliance of the industry to create meaningful outcomes that will live on for years to come.

Storyboard18 Visionaries indeed served as a platform that brought together some of the industry’s finest minds to provide deep insights into the what and how of marketing in 2023.

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