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New Be All You Can Be ads arrive amid Army marketing leadership change

After successfully salvaging the first campaign of the Army’s “Be All You Can Be” rebrand, the service’s top marketers are back with new advertisements and new leadership.

The next rounds of advertisements — anchored by three cinematic spots collectively dubbed “First Steps” by Army Enterprise Marketing Office leaders — debuted Monday morning, said the office’s interim director, Ignatios Mavridis. First Steps is the second campaign in the “Be All You Can Be” rebrand, which launched in March.

“It tries to be an authentic portrayal of what it means to be a young soldier,” Mavridis told Army Times. “It’s an up close and personal campaign.”

The marketing chief added that the three new cinematic ads and images launching Monday won’t just be on television — the Army has also secured streaming platform buys and “out of home” advertising, such as billboards and posters. The new ads can be viewed at the bottom of this story.

While the featured cinematic ad is a minute long, Mavridis said all three are available in “30-, 15- and six-second spots.” That will allow them to appear in small slots such as during long YouTube videos or on other social media platforms, he said.

The longest of the new cinematic ads, “First Arrival,” depicts Army recruits as they leave home and arrive at basic training, and the second, “First Patch,” shows family members placing patches on their newly graduated soldiers at the conclusion of training. The third spot, “First Target,” shows a new tank gunner engaging a live fire target for the first time.

Notably, none of the advertisements appear to feature a celebrity, as the first round of “Be All You Can Be” commercials did. Although celebrity endorsements are a common marketing technique, they come with risk, as the Army learned when its on-screen narrator,

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Army Chief Nominee Cites Warfighting, Recruiting as Top Priorities > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

Preparing the Army for future war fights and meeting recruiting challenges are among the top priorities for Army Gen. Randy A. George, who was nominated to serve as the 41st chief of staff of the U.S. Army. 

George, who now serves as the vice chief of staff of the Army, today testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about what his priorities would be if he is confirmed. 

The general also said an area of focus, were he to be confirmed, will be to ensure the Army has the industrial and sustainment base — along with the soldier and family support infrastructure needed — to project forces across the globe.

“Finally, I’ll continue to strengthen the Army profession and build cohesive teams, which starts with fixing recruiting, so that we remain an army of the people and for the people — a formidable team of all-volunteer warriors,” he said. 

George said he believes that recruiting may be one of the top challenges for the Army that awaits him as chief of staff. 

“I think it’s the No. 1 challenge that we face and the one thing that we have to be focused on,” George said. “I will tell you that every leader in the Army, and I have been as the vice, is completely focused on this.”

Part of the Army’s focus there, George told lawmakers, is on how the Army chooses recruiters; where it places recruiters; the command and control structure of the recruiting enterprise; and Army marketing. 

“We’re reviewing every aspect of that,” George said. 

The general also told senators that while the Army isn’t going to lower standards, it is helping soldiers meet standards. Part of that involves the Future Soldier Prep Course, a pilot program underway at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. As part of that program,

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