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The best webcams 2023: top video cameras for PCs

You need the best webcam to keep you connected with colleagues and loved ones. If you’ve been relying on your phone camera or your laptop’s low-resolution webcam for video calls, it’s high time that you upgrade to a stand-alone webcam that offers better video quality and perhaps a higher resolution – particularly if you’re using it for work meetings.

Before choosing your webcam, you’ll need to decide what you’ll be using it for and which features will be useful; we’ve got some advice at the bottom of the page to help you make your decision. But whatever your needs or budget, you’ll find an option here to suit you, from webcams for streaming to webcams for work and webcams for travel. 

The good news is that even 4K webcams are increasingly affordable, and we’ve also got a separate list of the best cheap webcams if the budget options on here don’t suit you, plus a guide to the best Logitech webcams. 

We test all of the best webcams extensively to ensure they work as claimed and that the footage they provide is of the quality we’d expect for the price. Scroll down for our overview of the products in this guide, then jump to a more detailed write up for each entry.

The quick list

The best webcam for you might not be the most kitted-out option, which is why we gathered the top models we’ve tested here at TechRadar and put together this list. Below, you’ll see a summary of our top picks, but if you want to know more about each option, hit that “Read more” link to find about more about its features and performance.

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