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Ad Market Up Mid-Single Digits In Q2 So Far, Says Brian Wieser. | Story

Total global advertising growth in the mid-single digit range in the second quarter. That’s the call from respected media and advertising consultant Brian Wieser, based on Q2 results released this week from several of the biggest buyers and sellers of advertising. Wieser has been scouring earnings reports this week in his daily Madison and Wall newsletter to make some informal estimates on the ad market. While U.S. radio broadcasters face their own unique challenges, the big picture suggests large marketers are opening up their ad budgets to a greater degree than in the first quarter.

The former ad agency exec and media analyst looked at how much several of the world’s biggest marketers were investing in advertising and marketing: Unilever (brand and marketing investments up 10%), Kimberly Clark (marketing and related expenses up 12% with advertising expected to jump 20% during the course of the year), Nestle (advertising and marketing expenses up 7.5%), Hershey (advertising and related consumer marketing expenses up 14.9%), and LVMH (advertising and promotion spending up 24%). Others, including Coca-Cola, Danone, and Reckitt Benckiser, referenced increasing investments in marketing or related activities during their earnings calls.

Among the trends spotted are “strong growth from packaged goods companies – both in terms of revenues and advertising-related spending,” Wieser writes.

Among ad sellers, he looked at Meta (12% year-over-year ad growth), Alphabet (Google and YouTube ad revenue up 5%), Microsoft (ad sales down 2%), Snap (down 8%) and NBCUniversal (down 4.9%).

Based on second quarter earnings so far, Wieser says: “The overall advertising market should be considered to be growing at a mid-single digit level on an underlying basis.”

However, digital advertising is growing faster, “on track to grow by high single digits – or possibly better – for the full year, which would be slightly ahead of June’s

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Digits AI Debuts as World’s First Secure, Accurate, Business Finance AI

Fintech trailblazer continues reimagining the building blocks of small-business finance, letting AI tackle the tedium

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Digits, the award-winning producer of small-business finance workflow software, today announces a breakthrough in the application of generative AI models to business finance, and the launch of Digits AI: the world’s first secure, accurate, business-specific finance AI. 

Digits AI empowers business owners, accountants, and finance teams with real-time financial planning and analysis, insights, and powerful visualizations – all accessed through a simple conversational interface. The advanced technology saves hours that would be spent configuring and running reports, exporting data to CSV or Excel, and managing complicated models. For the first time, answers to key questions like “What is my burn rate?”, “Who were my top five customers last month?” and “How much has my business spent on marketing so far this year?” are at a small business owner’s fingertips – with accompanying visuals to drop into presentations or investor updates.

“ChatGPT has captured the world’s attention, but its shortcomings significantly limit its usefulness in business finance,” said CEO Jeff Seibert, “Financials are among the most sensitive data a business has, and financial analysis is highly math-intensive—every answer must be correct. For AI to play a useful role, it must be custom-trained to answer financial questions, it must be rock-solid at math, and it must have secure, encrypted, siloed access to a business’s complete financial history. We are the first in the world to achieve all three. Digits AI is the future of business finance.”

Deep Financial Expertise
With over five years of experience building finance software, Digits has trained its next-generation AI on over $300 Billion in small-business transaction volume booked in full double-entry cash- and accrual-basis accounting. This gives Digits AI an unprecedented understanding of

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