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Business Owners Increasingly Rely On Social Media To Gather Customer Data

Today, data collection of online users remains a controversial issue. However, for many businesses, it isn’t an issue of violating customers’ privacy but is a way to ensure that the business has the best chance at success. The question remains where and how data collection comes into the picture.

According to a new study from Skynova, 64 percent of business owners collect your data from their social media sites, with Facebook accounting for 72 percent of the data collection, while Facebook-owned Instagram came in second at 59 percent. They were the most popular social media platforms in terms of collecting customer data based on page likes, shares, and follows.

“Twitter and LinkedIn were definitely reviewed often as well. While scouring them for data, companies collected information related to page likes, shares, and follows the most,” the study noted. “Social media data collection plays an especially important role in optimizing a company’s marketing strategy – from it, you can better optimize your social content, update your SEO strategies (which are crucial in the social media world), monitor your brand image, and start targeting influencers to help promote your offering.”

Purchase history and interaction with business websites were reportedly the data that business owners found most useful according to 23 percent of survey respondents. Many of the businesses also conducted the data research themselves, while some 34 percent also opted to bring in a third-party for data collection and integration-related labor.

According to Skynova, almost half of the surveyed business owners and executives said that they collect data at least weekly, and the more people a company employed, there was a higher chance that the data was collected on such a regular basis. Many companies utilized their

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