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Woman Shares Travel Hack Helping People to Get Hotel Discounts

A self-described “teacher learning to use my ADHD for good” has shared an amazing travel hack she’s billed as a “victimless crime.”

The advice comes from TikTok creator Ms Pozek, who entertained viewers with a video gaining more than 55,000 views in its first day on the platform since going up Wednesday. In the video, the creator gives a rapid-fire description of how companies broker deals with hotels and how pretending you work for those companies can give you access to those deals.

“So you know that hack of wherever you’re booking a hotel,” she began her video, “You put in like GE or IBM corporate code, and then you’re getting a really good price on a hotel because they negotiated deals, and you’re not supposed to do it unless you work with a company, but it’s a victimless crime.”

@mspozek I love going the extra mile to get a good deal on a hotel #hotel #hotelhacks #travelhack #travel #fyp #ibm ♬ original sound – Ms Pozek

She then laid out the scenario that could likely happen: A person shows up at a hotel, checks in and is then asked who they work for. Ms Pozek alleges the person could tell a white lie and say they work for a company such as IBM, it’s likely they’d get a nice discount on their hotel stay.

She did caution that people might run into someone who ”actually wants to do their job” and presses for documentation.

She proposed they can either say they’re going to another hotel to avoid the grief or try another innovative solution.

“The owner of my dad’s company went as far as to make a fake business card that says he works for General Dynamics,” Ms Pozek shared. “With a fake email address and phone number

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