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Recap: 2023 ANA Annual Advertising and Marketing Law Conference | Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

If artificial intelligence is so great, why can’t it reliably predict the weather?

The weekend has just closed on another very rainy Floridian ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference (Last year we had a hurricane, so this would qualify as an uninspiring upgrade). The Masters Conference is the largest advertising, marketing and promotion law conference in the nation, bringing together major brands, storied advertising agencies, and prominent regulators to discuss cutting-edge topics impacting the industry. Each year – not by design but by happenstance – a different theme is featured. This year, to no one’s surprise, the focus was on AI.

While not every session discussed AI in depth, most speakers devoted some time to the subject throughout the 3-day event.  Panelists confronted questions like: does algorithmic bias, increasingly employed in various industries, constitute an unfair trade practice?  How will regulators view advertising claims based on next gen tech?  What copyright traps exist for the unwary utilizing AI to generate advertising content?  Are US and international privacy laws evolving fast enough to keep up with new challenges posed by AI?  And while it had nearly zero to do with AI, the conference would have felt incomplete without a discussion of what drag queens can teach advertising lawyers about intellectual property protection.  Many learned more about Cardi B’s album covers during that session than they could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

There is no doubt that AI will affect the advertising and marketing landscape for years to come.  Like the metaverse (last year’s theme) and crypto assets (the year before that), these issues are not new.  But despite AI having been around for some time, the leaps forward that generative AI applications have made this year appear poised to significantly transform the landscape of advertising content creation and delivery.  President

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False advertising! These hilarious marketing fails should never have been signed off

When marketing is done well it can be a great way to convince customers to spend their hard-earned money and help a business take off.

But these marketing campaigns from around the world caught people’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

Snaps of the hilarious marketing fails, collated by Bored Panda, proved that businesses don’t always get it right.

The examples include UK toilet paper brand Andrex being sold in Tesco, that wanted to celebrate the King’s coronation in London with a (literal) royal flush.

Another store, based in the UK, advertised a ‘price cut’ on their Sangria, which went from £15 to £14.99 – hardly a huge saving. 

Royal flush! Snaps of some hilarious marketing fails, collated by Bored Panda, prove that businesses don't always get it right. Including a toilet paper brand who wanted to celebrate the King's coronation in London

Royal flush! Snaps of some hilarious marketing fails, collated by Bored Panda, prove that businesses don’t always get it right. Including a toilet paper brand who wanted to celebrate the King’s coronation in London

Elsewhere a confused passerby in the US saw a poster advertising Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, to be eaten in comfortable pyjamas – but the unfortunate slogan ‘BJs in your PJs’ made it sound like something very different altogether. 

While a pretzel brand, in the US, claimed to be able to ‘cure anxiety’ with the salty snack – which might be a bit of a stretch.  

Here FEMAIL takes a look at some of the funniest marketing fails that certainly made an impression – but perhaps not for the right reasons… 

Bargain! A store based in the UK advertised a 'price cut' on their Sangria, which went from £15 to £14.99

Bargain! A store based in the UK advertised a ‘price cut’ on their Sangria, which went from £15 to £14.99

Saucy! Elsewhere a community activity poster in the US advertised 'BJs in your PJs' - which gave a slightly different meaning to Ben and Jerry's in your pyjamas

Saucy! Elsewhere a community activity poster in the US advertised ‘BJs in your PJs’ – which gave a slightly different meaning to Ben and

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The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 11.21.23

Arts & Letters launched a new brand platform and integrated marketing campaign for online home furnishings retailer Bed Bath & Beyond. The “Beyond” platform includes a new website, and the campaign, called “An Icon Returns,” includes a 60-second TV spot and print, digital and out-of-home ads. The campaign launched Nov. 1 and targeted New York City with billboards in Times Square, city bus wraps, taxi toppers and media at Penn Station.

Ghost Tequila – “Fleeting Heat” (:30) from Alice Blue on Vimeo.

Alice Blue worked with Charleston, South Carolina-based agency Levelwing on a Halloween-themed spot for Ghost Tequila.

WORTHEN HERO vertical portraits2 copy

Adam Ewing took photos for Work Labs’ brand relaunch for furniture maker Worthen.

Brand Federation enlisted Work Labs for a brand relaunch for Worthen, a locally based furniture maker. Work included a wordmark logo and an anthem video showing the steps involved in making a custom iron and brass bed frame. Local filmmaker John Irwin served as director, cameraman an editor, and photographer Adam Ewing provided images.

The Martin Agency released a 30-second spot for smokeless fire pits maker Solo Stove. The ad features Snoop Dogg as a “smokesman” for the brand and was teased with a social media post in which the rapper said he’d decided to “give up smoke,” Muse by Clio reports.

Red Orange Studio completed a series of beer can label designs for Wasserhund Brewing Co. The limited-edition label designs include keepsake removable stickers and feature names and characters inspired by popular movies. Each label for “The Hop Experiment” IPA series showcases brewmaster and chemist Aaron Holley’s four-legged sidekick Hertz as a mad scientist.

WHBC IPA Series Mockup Biz Sense 1

Red Orange’s beer can labels for Wasserhund Brewing.

Arts & Letters launched a new brand platform and integrated marketing

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Microsoft Advertising Shares Holiday Season Marketing Playbook

As the holiday shopping season approaches its zenith, advertisers are keenly preparing for the final rush of consumer spending. Microsoft Advertising provides insights and strategies to help businesses capitalize on the festive season in its Festive Season Marketing Playbook.

The focus is on understanding consumer behaviors and leveraging Microsoft’s advertising capabilities to maximize reach and revenue.

1. Revenue Peaks: A Matter of Timing

Despite some advertisers not yet seeing a peak in revenue, there is no cause for alarm.

Historically, significant revenue spikes are observed around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, consumers are anticipated to spend more during these critical days.

The National Retail Federation predicts a 3-4% increase in holiday spending in the US, potentially reaching up to $966.6 billion. Similarly, high spending is forecasted in the UK and Germany, emphasizing the global impact of this season.

2. Shift in Consumer Behavior: The Rise of Deal-Seeking

A notable trend this year is the increased emphasis on deal-seeking.

Over two-thirds of US shoppers are spending more time looking for coupons and deals, particularly around the ‘Cyber-5’ period.

This period, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday, and Cyber Monday, has become a crucial window for consumer spending.

Advertisers must adapt to this trend and align their strategies accordingly.

3. The Central Role of Search in Purchasing Decisions

Search remains a crucial component in guiding both online and in-store purchases. It’s a pivotal tool for discovering new retailers, conducting pre-purchase research, and comparing prices.

Gen X consumers, for example, heavily rely on search to find the best prices. Additionally, the EMEA region sees deal-seekers spending 33% more time searching than average shoppers.

This trend provides a significant opportunity for targeted advertising, primarily through platforms like Microsoft Advertising, which taps into billions of global monthly searches.

4. Post Cyber-5

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Optimizing Signal Marketing In Meta Ads

Founder and President of The Evoke Agency, a 4x Inc 500 and 5000 firm focusing on social media, content creation and public relations.

The world of digital marketing changes faster than you can say “social media,” and paid social opportunities seem to change even faster. Currently, one of the biggest changes revolves around signal marketing, specifically Meta’s advancements in the space with its ever-evolving machine-learning system.

Let’s start with a quick background on what signal marketing entails. “Buying signals” are any actions taken by a user that cue a potential intent to purchase a product or service, like visiting a brand’s product page multiple times in a short time period. Signal marketing observes these signals throughout the digital consumer journey and determines strategies that will be most effective in converting these users based on their actions. Following the example above, serving ads for a product or similar products based on the webpages viewed is a simple signal marketing strategy.

Meta’s technology for tracking user signals has been historically complex, but it is now offering more transparency on how and what signals its technology can track. In Meta’s new push toward signal marketing, machine learning pairs previous actions taken by users on Meta technologies with campaign objectives to deliver ads to people with the highest likelihood of taking the desired action.

Your Meta advertisements are already affected by its machine learning, but awareness of the various signal marketing tools it offers can set your brand apart from competitors in the eyes of consumers and increase ROAS (return on ad spend).

Here are some interesting insights I’ve gleaned from my research as my agency prepares to take advantage of some of these newer tools and features.

Utilize Advantage+ Creative

Advantage+, Meta’s newest creative optimization tool, uses consumer signals to create

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The Best AI Marketing Tool for Ads?

If you’re tired of spending hours designing ad creative only to see mediocre results, then AdCreative.ai might be your solution. This artificial intelligence marketing tool simplifies ad creation by generating hundreds of conversion-focused ad creatives within a few minutes, eliminating the need for a copywriter or designer.

All you have to do is tell AdCreative a bit about your brand, select your asset type, get AdCreative to scan your website, and it essentially does the rest for you. It’s an easy step-by-step process that I’ll walk you through.

It only took me a few minutes to make this ad creative:

The final product of an ad created with AdCreative.ai.

This is just one of the hundreds of ad creatives AdCreative generated for me.

In this AdCreative.ai review, I will cover what AdCreative is and who it’s for, explore its features, and walk you through how to generate hundreds of ads in minutes. I’ll end things off with the pros and cons of the platform and the #1 AdCreative alternative.

Whether you’re a startup, an E-commerce business, a marketing agency, or an enterprise, AdCreative.ai has the potential to supercharge your advertising efforts.

Let’s see what makes AdCreative.ai the best AI marketing tool for ads!

What is AdCreative.ai?

The AdCreative.ai homepage.

AdCreative.ai is the leading AI advertising tool for businesses seeking to create hundreds of ad creatives, texts, and reports optimized for generating conversions. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate creative ad variations.

The platform uses data analysis and pattern learning to generate customized ad copy, images, and headlines for specific platforms and target audiences. It eliminates guesswork in ad creation, providing valuable insights to optimize performance and giving businesses an unfair advantage against competitors in digital marketing.

AdCreative’s AI is crucial in generating high-performing ads by continuously learning, adapting, and improving ad creatives. It identifies target-audience preferences, predicts ad performance, and optimizes

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NUMATEC Announces Winners of the Numees! A Marketing and Advertising Pitch Competition

– $100,000 Have Been Awarded to Four Companies Transforming the World of MarTech –


NUMATEC, the leading independent MarTech conglomerate, held a private event yesterday to announce the winners of the NUMEES (New Marketing & Advertising Technology Award and Pitch Competition). The event recognized four outstanding firms for their work in reimagining advertising and marketing technology, granting $100,000 in monetary investment and consulting services to the winning start-ups. Their achievements were celebrated in Coral Gables on November 14th, featuring influential leaders from Miami’s booming technology ecosystem.

“At NUMATEC, we have a profound understanding of what it takes to build something from the ground up and a deep appreciation for Miami’s tech ecosystem, which nurtured and fueled our growth every step of the way. We’re very committed to playing a meaningful role in this community and helping early-stage companies find their distinct advantage at the forefront of innovation. Part of achieving success is giving back, which is why the NUMEES were designed to help talented entrepreneurs overcome problems and future-proof their business for years to come,” shared NUMATEC CEO Giuliano Stiglitz.

In 2020, 1.35 million technology start-ups launched worldwide, yet only 10% survived as thriving businesses. The NUMEES are designed to bridge this gap and support the growth of tech start-ups to increase their likelihood of success in this challenging technological landscape.

Presented in collaboration with Lab22c, the NUMEES awards were granted in four categories:

– Ángela Sustaita-Ruiz – Nuestro Stories was awarded the Breakthrough Founder of the Year Award, which recognizes innovation in products or services, outstanding customer experience, and market dominance.

– Charles Irizarry – OnAutoPilot – was awarded the Breakthrough Creator Award, which recognizes creative use of emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, to reinvent the MarTech field.

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The Combined Potential Of Paid Ads And Organic Marketing

Alex Quin is CMO of award-winning Digital Marketing firm UADV. He is a full-stack marketing expert, global keynote speaker & podcast host.

Marketing strategies usually come in two forms: paid advertising and organic marketing. Each has its distinct advantages. While paid advertising promises quick results, organic content is more likely to endure over time. So striking the right balance between these two approaches is pivotal.

Let’s take a look at the intricate dynamics between these strategies and explore how their integration creates a synergistic effect that maximizes results. By understanding the unique strengths of each approach and their combined potential, you can navigate the complex marketing landscape with confidence and finesse.

Paid Advertising: The Allure And The Challenges

The appeal of paid advertising is that it helps you instantly position products and services in front of a vast and targeted audience, thereby attracting potential customers almost immediately. Ad spending is projected to increase to nearly $875 billion this year, underscoring the undeniable significance of paid advertising in the modern marketing landscape. The immediate and extensive impact of paid ads empowers brands to seize fleeting consumer attention, making it an indispensable weapon in the marketer’s arsenal.

Ad Fatigue And Consumer Skepticism

Unfortunately, the allure of paid advertising can diminish over time due to a phenomenon known as ad fatigue. Ad fatigue happens when consumers are repeatedly subjected to the same or similar advertisements, leading to less engagement with ads and fewer clicks.

Another challenge posed by paid advertising is consumer skepticism. Given that paid ads are inherently promotional, they can trigger skepticism among discerning consumers who are increasingly wary of overt marketing tactics. Relying exclusively on paid advertising thus puts brands at risk of diluting their credibility, as customers may question the authenticity of the messaging and the underlying

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Hockey Canada welcomes William Huff Advertising as National Marketing Partner

Haneet Parhar thought she was done with hockey after university, but through coaching, the BFL Female Coach of the Year found her way back to the game

Haneet Parhar didn’t always have hockey in her plans. But for one reason or
another, hockey always found a way back into her life. And for that, Parhar
is forever grateful for the opportunities she’s had through the game.

Her passion for giving back to the sport that gave her so much has led to
her being honoured as the BFL Female Coach of the Year in the High
Performance category.

“There’s been so many times in my life where I’ve told myself ‘This is it, I
don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a rink or pick up my skates,’ and then
boom, I come back to hockey,” Parhar says.

As a student-athlete at the University of British Columbia, there was a lot
of uncertainty if she would even make the Thunderbirds roster. She would
eventually have a very successful U SPORTS career, winning three Canada West
championships, but her time at UBC also kicked off a career in coaching that
she never imagined.

From wanting to just stay involved as an 18-year-old undergrad student,
working as a coach in community rink programs and UBC hockey camps in the
summer, it reminded Parhar of the joy she found in hockey, for herself and
the kids in her programs.

“Doing it throughout my school and varsity career at UBC, I coached at the
recreational level for five-and-a-half years,” she says. “When you start at
that level, I really did it because I loved it. You see the kids smile and
it’s really easy to take away that hardcore style of coaching and do it for
fun. It was a great fit for

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Shaping the future of the marketing & advertising industry

The Oberoi, Gurugram, was the podium for an unforgettable evening as Storyboard18’s Visionaries event took place. This assemblage witnessed luminaries from the advertising and marketing industry who shared their incredible journeys in steering the ever-evolving terrain of disruptive technology.

In an age where platforms reevaluate how companies coalesce with consumers, it is the visionaries who are at the front, using innovative technologies to drive industries ahead. They are the creators of a future we desire, and Storyboard18 is dedicated to acknowledging and honouring these innovative and brilliant minds in the marketing sphere.

Honouring and inspiring leaders: The ‘Visionaries’

The evening was a powerful display of the marketing and advertising industry’s past, present and promising future. Suresh Narayanan, managing director of Nestlé India, delivered a dynamic and motivating keynote address, filling the event with energy and enthusiasm.
Storyboard18 grabbed the prospect of not only honouring the ‘Visionaries’ but also celebrating and motivating leaders in the advertising and marketing industry.

The occasion featured compelling panel conversations on key issues, including a spirited discussion on the evolving relationship between CEOs and their CMOs, analysing whether CMOs can step into the shoes of CEOs themselves. The panel was led by Delshad Irani, editor, Storyboard18, with eminent panellists including Aseem Kaushik, MD, L’Oreal India; Kulmeet Bawa, president and MD, SAP India; Adobe India; Sukhleen Aneja, chief executive officer, Good Glamm Group; Prativa Mohapatra, vice president and managing director; Madhav Sheth, CEO, HTECH; and Devendra Chawla, CEO, GreenCell Mobility.

The entire session had some invaluable insights on how the big marketing opportunity has arrived, called for action in the present, and the elemental role played by the CEOs driving their company’s growth agenda. CMOs are on the runway with the CEOs, and a powerful alliance will meditate on the development and numbers intensely.

Steering the start-up

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