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The power of ‘advertainment’ in brand communications: where entertainment meets advertising

In an era of sensory overload, where consumers are faced with a barrage of content at every waking moment, standing out is becoming an increasingly difficult task for brands. But there is a solution to capturing the attention of the distracted generation. Back in my TV production days in Paris, about 15 years ago, we were already exploring the concept of ‘advertainment’. We pitched innovative mini-series ideas to brands like McDonald’s and Club Med.

While the vision was clear and ahead of its time, the concepts failed to see fruition. The evolving priorities and dynamic goals of marketing departments at the time made it difficult to sell the concept of long-term promotions.

But now, with consumer scepticism on the rise, we’re seeing a backlash against traditional advertising. Today’s marketers are crying out for new ways to capture hearts, minds, and most importantly — attention.

As the lines between content and commercials blur, the brands riding this wave are rewriting the rules of engagement.

Welcome to the future of brand communications.

What is ‘advertainment’?

‘Advertainment’, a portmanteau of advertising and entertainment, is a creative strategy that seamlessly weaves marketing messages into pure entertainment content.

Modern ‘advertainment’ subtly incorporates promotional messages into forms of content, including video, games, podcasts, virtual reality experiences, and interactive web series.

Rather than interrupting the flow of the content with an ad, the brand becomes the storyteller, engaging viewers with content that feels organic, authentic, and relevant. The content is the ad.

In a landscape where consumers are quick to skip, mute, or block ads, ‘advertainment’ offers an enticing promise: an audience willingly engaged, emotionally invested, and, ultimately, more receptive to the brand’s message.

One of the first notable examples of ‘advertainment’ was the 8-minute short film for Pirelli, Mission Zero, starring Uma Thurman back in

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Companies Can Unleash the Power of Business Credit Reports with MCB Business Credit


Published September 27, 2023

Companies Can Unleash the Power of Business Credit Reports with MCB Business Credit

“MCB Business Credit offices are based in Augusta GA and they proudly serve clients across the US.”

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, making informed decisions is paramount to success. One crucial aspect of informed decision-making is understanding the financial health and creditworthiness of the businesses with whom a company interacts. This is where MCB Business Credit steps in, offering comprehensive business credit reporting solutions that empower businesses to make sound choices.

When it comes to forging partnerships, extending credit, or entering into any business transaction, knowledge is power. Companies can pull a business credit report to access vital information about a potential corporate interaction. Business credit reports – sometimes referred to as commercial credit reports – allow a company to evaluate another business’s creditworthiness, ensuring that the company is making informed decisions. MCB Business Credit gives companies across the United States powerful access to business information that supports informed decision making.

Risk Mitigation

Risk is an inherent part of business, but smart businesses aim to minimize it. By obtaining a business credit report, companies gain insights into the potential risks associated with another business. This knowledge empowers the company to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks, safeguarding its investments and interests.

Credit Decisions

For businesses that offer credit terms to their clients, a business credit report is indispensable. It helps them evaluate whether a potential customer or partner is likely to honor their financial commitments. This is essential for maintaining healthy cash flow and minimizing bad debt.

Financial Health

Understanding a company’s financial health is crucial for long-term partnerships and transactions. A business credit report reveals key financial metrics, such as revenue, profitability, and debt levels. This information enables businesses to gauge the financial stability and growth potential of the company in question.

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Introducing Durian HK: The power of sharp words in advertising

In today’s fast-paced world of advertising is entering the “skip ad era”, capturing the attention of consumers has become more challenging than ever before. In this context, Durian HK, a local award-winning advertising agency under The Bees Group based in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, wants to inject the DNA of “Durian” into the advertising market.

At Durian HK, we firmly believe in “sharp works start from the sharp words”. Just as the fruit itself is known for its polarising taste, our copywriting expertise is dedicated to evoking strong reactions and leaving a lasting impact on our audience. We understand that words have the potential to shape perceptions, change attitudes, and ultimately drive excellent work. It is with this belief that we craft captivating and compelling messages that resonate with consumers on a “Durian” level.

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In today’s fragmented media environment, standing out from the crowd has become more crucial than ever. As the media landscape evolves, we recognise the need for innovative and unconventional approaches to reach target audiences effectively. Durian HK prides itself on its ability to think outside the box and create campaigns that are unique, different, and memorable. We do not shy away from taking risks and challenging the status quo. Our team of creative minds thrive on pushing boundaries and delivering groundbreaking concepts that captivate and engage.

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Who says sexual products cannot be premium?

The Durex of 001, Durex 001 has bagged the Best Idea in Experiential Marketing during MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s MARKies Awards Hong Kong 2023. 

While others see condoms as a sexual health product, we see Durex 001 as a luxury experience for the best. When it comes to the sensation, it can be rather psychological. That’s why positioning an ultra-thin condom is all about the brand image.

While 001 is the thinnest, and the

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Kroger Precision Marketing Builds In-House Advertising Platform to Power the Future of Retail Media

The retail media business of Kroger is expanding talent and capabilities to improve shopping experiences and increase advertising performance.

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2023 / Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), the retail media business of Kroger powered by 84.51°, is building the next generation of advertising technology in-house. The new KPM advertising platform will accelerate the ability for retail data to improve shopping experiences while also making it easier for advertisers to activate, measure, and optimize campaigns.

The new self-service platform will initially encompass Kroger’s existing product listing ads and onsite display advertising. It will later power KPM’s entire retail media service portfolio.

“Retailers are creating the consumer-first future of advertising,” said Cara Pratt, Senior Vice President of Kroger Precision Marketing. “We know we need to remove friction from the retail media buying process. Building a new foundation of integrated technology empowers brands and agencies to maximize retail media’s potential. Together, we will deliver a more convenient, personalized, and inspirational shopping experience.”

Retail media emerged with fragmented advertising systems for different media channels. By building an in-house advertising platform, KPM will offer a more unified marketing strategy between various on-site and offsite media channels. The new platform will also pave the way for greater interoperability with other media activation and management software.

As a self-service advertising platform, initial capabilities will allow clients to:

  • Reach relevant audiences using search-based insights and custom ad groups.
  • Design, iterate, and activate creative messages within the platform.
  • Customize and save multiple creative templates by brand and product.
  • Optimize all campaign elements including budgets, messaging, and flighting.
  • Build reports and boost performance against deterministic retail data – including sales lift, household penetration and unit lift.

All advertisers will be able to transition to the new platform before the end of 2023. Advertisers using

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The Power Of Seduction: Rebranding Beauty Secrets – Advertising, Marketing & Branding

Awell-executed rebrand can revitalize flagging turnover,
rescue a business from bankruptcy and transform a near-closure into
a global leader. Leveraging new or refreshed Intellectual Property
(IP) has the potential to turn your company’s fortunes skyward
– if you can get it right.

We recently covered some of the perils of flawed rebrands: customer
alienation, reputational damage and financial loss. Typically
arriving hand-in-hand, these can result from a failure to take full
stock of a brand’s existing situation, its consumer base and
the desired outcome for both. Then again, if a company is mindful
of what is involved in properly reshaping a brand, the benefits can
be worth the risk.

What it takes to rebrand in style

Candid self-reflection and careful planning are the keys here,
but neither achieves a great deal without a healthy approach to
end-user communication. When all is said and done, a brand lives or
dies according to how it is perceived and treated by the public,
and guiding this interaction is only possible when IP management
and marketing work in harmony.

To do this, you must ask yourself some all-important

  • What is my brand’s current condition?

  • Who are my existing customers, and whom do I want to

  • What new brand image do I what to convey?

  • What are my immediate and long-term targets?

And most difficult of all:

  • How do I reach my goals without losing what I already

It pays to be frank with yourself at this stage – if you
do not face up to any uncomfortable realities regarding your brand,
the market will be more than happy to do it for you. Once you have
identified which trademarks and designs you would like to modify as part of
your efforts,

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Beyond ‘Where’s the beef?’ Older people, especially women, have economic power.

Stephanie O’Dell was working as a fashion stylist about six years ago when she noticed the huge void in advertising and marketing aimed toward older women.

Driven by her own curiosity, she started a blog and talked to 100 women about their lives, fashion and everything in between. 

“I knew if I saw these women in advertising, I would feel differently about aging,” said O’Dell, now 60.

When she saw the purchasing power behind the demographic, she knew she was onto something. She started her own modeling agency for women over 50, called Celebrate the Gray, which now boasts more than 200 models and works with hundreds of social-media influencers.

While O’Dell applauds some national brands such as Target
and the Gap-owned Athleta
for their inclusive advertising campaigns, she said many brands use younger models with unlined faces to sell products like anti-aging creams, which she said reinforces negative stereotypes about aging.

“The big brands I talked to want an immediate return on their investment. But the 50-plus woman isn’t going to buy something because of one model in one ad,” O’Dell said. 

According to AARP, consumers age 50 and older contribute $8.3 trillion to the U.S. economy, or 40% of the gross domestic product, each year. In 2030, when the first of the millennial generation will turn 50, that age group will contribute $12.6 trillion to the economy. 

And in terms of direct spending, 56 cents of every dollar spent in the U.S in 2018 was attributable to the 50-plus population, and this share is set to increase to 61 cents by 2050, AARP said.

“The decision makers have this perception of age, but the 50-year-old in their head isn’t the 50-year-old in real life. There’s a lot of education that needs to be done,”

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Shifting Electric power Dynamics Are Championing Creators In Model Promoting

Shoppers now have had more than enough with the interruptive and disruptive character of traditional advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing, and at the exact time, are participating a lot more with social platforms like TikTok and YouTube to source business data on products. Alongside one another, these variables have helped give rise to important client demand for influencers and creators to information their acquiring choices. This has designed a shift in the manufacturer-influencer power dynamic – for many makes, constructing partnerships with influencers is now a critical and additional relevant way to reach their focus on viewers.

An affect.com-commissioned report in partnership with WARC very last 12 months unveiled a stark disconnect involving how models and influencers perceive a mutually beneficial partnership, indicating a growing urgency for sincere, profitable partnerships. With rising expenditures due to inflation following decades of digital-initial activity because of to the pandemic, people are much more and a lot more conscious of their electronic ecosystem and brand names have been trying to enchantment to these on line audiences with different levels of accomplishment.

I spoke with David A. Yovanno, CEO at affect.com, to examine how the manufacturer-creator marriage has developed and where by brand names are definitely seeing the value of creator partnerships.

Gary Drenik: How has the model-creator relationship advanced in latest several years?

David A. Yovanno: With people, specially Gen-Z, becoming fewer tolerant and frankly extra tuned in to the methods employed in interruptive advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing tactics – like pop up advertisements and retargeting – creators are getting additional integral in brands’ internet marketing methods.

This has led to the model-creator connection becoming additional of a partnership. Makes are no for a longer period relying strictly on regular paid out advertising and

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Issues power newspaper adjustments at the Periods-Information in Burlington

Rick Thomason, publisher for The Times-News, and Triad regional Paxton Media newspaper group.

Most, if not all, of you are mindful of the problems the newspaper industry has faced, significantly around the final 15 decades.

The headwinds we facial area are relentless, and as a business enterprise we need to adapt for our survival so we can continue on to serve our visitors and advertisers. With no neighborhood journalism, communities – significantly local community governments – drop into disarray, get lazy and inevitably find them selves traipsing down unsavory paths of deceit and corruption.

To hold practical your very best resource of nearby journalism that is additional than 30-2nd snippets and headlines, The Periods-News will improve its publishing frequency to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting with the Feb. 28 version. In addition, all shipping and delivery will transform to the U.S. mail, with pretty much all of it very same-working day delivery, though some subscribers on the edges of our delivery region may experience occasional delays.

Our marketplace confronted a great deal of troubles prior to the pandemic. But when COVID-19 came together those people challenges worsened and many others surfaced. Most notably our fees skyrocketed.

Newsprint, ink, push plates and, certainly, labor (together with insurance plan) fees have collectively amplified nicely about 20%. We held the line as lengthy as we could. We held off slicing additional print times as extended as we could.

But to continue on to deliver a sustainable information product for the Alamance County group we experienced to experience the fact that hundreds of newspapers throughout this region and all over the earth have faced in the earlier 10 a long time. We experienced to adjust our publishing frequency.

Your Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday editions of The Periods-Information will be the ideal of the articles collected in the days considering that the prior publication. That usually means there

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Northland Power Announces 2023 Financial Guidance, Expands Canadian Development Portfolio and Establishes Its 2040 Net Zero Target

2023 Financial Guidance and Outlook Provides for Continued Execution on Growth and Operational Excellence

This news release constitutes a “designated news release” for the purposes of the Company’s prospectus supplement dated September 7, 2022 to its short form base shelf prospectus dated June 16, 2021.

TORONTO, Feb. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Northland Power Inc. (“Northland” or the “Company”) (TSX: NPI) is pleased to announce its 2023 financial outlook ahead of the previously announced annual Investor Day, which will be held at 10:00 am EST today. Members of the executive team will provide an update on recent growth activities, Northland’s long-term plans and objectives.

Through its entrepreneurial drive and disciplined execution, Northland has established a track record of growth over its 35-year history. Its diversified portfolio of operating facilities continues to deliver strong performance. With 3 gigawatts (GW) of gross operating capacity and a robust development pipeline, the Company is well positioned for an accelerating global energy transition. Northland intends to be selective and pursue only the projects within its pipeline that meet its strategic objectives and targeted returns. With growth in offshore wind set to outpace all other renewables, Northland’s leading position in offshore wind positions the Company to be a significant player in this segment through the decade. As the Company was with offshore wind, Northland intends to continue to be at the forefront of emerging renewable energy asset classes.

2022 Growth Activities

In 2022, the Company was successful in increasing its offshore wind development portfolio. In Scotland, Northland secured 2.3 GW of offshore wind leases and in Germany formed the 1.6 GW Nordsee Cluster. Progress was also made on advancing current projects towards financial close, including Hai Long and Baltic Power.

In onshore renewables, efforts focused on the Company’s targeted markets in North

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