The Future of Digital Advertising

People are one of two things in this world.

Overwhelmed or distracted.

Doom scrolling on social media has made attention spans short.

Privacy policies and GDPR are making it increasingly difficult to reach your customers.

iOS nuked Facebook’s ad targeting system by giving users the ability to opt out of app tracking.

As more and more people worry about their privacy, the future of Digital Advertising is shifting.

Want more future-proof and profitable ad campaigns? Check out these 4 digital advertising methods.

DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home)

Digital-Out-Of-Home lets you advertise in the physical world with LCD displays and digital billboards.

I know what you’re thinking. “Billboards Ads? Who still pays attention to those?”

They’re making a comeback and here’s why:

  1. You can’t block them with an ad-blocker

  2. Not subject to strict regulations

  3. Geofencing

Everyone and their aunt’s cousin has an ad blocker which means most people won’t see banner ads. Digital billboards can’t be blocked in that regard.

Also, digital billboards don’t come with the same complex privacy regulations.

That means fewer restrictions on what you can say or do.

Another advantage of DOOH is that providers have massive amounts of location data.

If you want to target married couples with kids who make over $150,000 per year, the providers can search the data and find the best physical ad placements based on where those couples shop.

Last but not least, there’s Geofencing.

Ever walk inside a clothing store and then see an ad from that exact company on your social media?

It’s because when you step close to in-store digital billboards, they tag your phone’s device ID.

Advertisers can plug those IDs into their online ad campaigns to re-market to you later.

Most of the time customers need multiple touch points before making a purchase. So this can help you stay top of mind and keep you in front of your customers.

Influencer Marketing

No matter what happens with ads, you can always rely on someone else’s organic following.

Influencers have a giant audience of people who trust their recommendations.

People buy from people.

It’s the human connection to that person that builds trust.

When you find the right influencer on the right platform, it’s possible to get a higher return than you would on competitive ad channels.

Whether the influencers are on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, it’s crucial to weave your brand into their narratives, creating organic and authentic touchpoints with potential customers. 

Newsletter Sponsorships

You can run ads on social media and do influencer marketing campaigns but there’s just one problem.


Social media platforms are notorious for throttling organic reach.

They make money through ads. 

Over time they limit organic reach to encourage people to advertise.

We’ve seen this with Facebook.

However, newsletters are different.

The reach from an email list can’t be sabotaged.

If you find creators in your niche with strong newsletters, it can be lucrative to tap into that direct audience.  

Make sure you choose content creators in your niche that align with your brand values and message. Ideally, you want that content creator to be one segment of your customer persona.

That way you can craft your message more effectively in the newsletter and it will resonate better with the audience.

Podcast Ads

How many people do you see with their headphones on throughout the day?

Whether that be on a train, plane, bus, or even at work, people listen to podcasts.

Podcast ads are nothing new but there’s a reason why massive brands keep using them.

There’s plenty of money to be made here.

Stats predict podcasting will be a $4 Billion dollar industry by 2024.

What’s the most effective way to use podcasts?

And it’s not about slapping on a pre-recorded message. 

Collaborate with the podcast hosts for tailored ads, so that the promotion feels like a natural extension of the episode. 

Given the trust listeners place in their favorite podcasters, this form of advertising feels more like a recommendation from a friend than a pitch.

Wrapping Up

In a digital-dominated age, grabbing attention is more challenging than ever. 

Privacy policies, ad-blockers, and doom scrolling are just some obstacles marketers face so you need to think outside the box.

Digital-Out-Of-Home helps you side-skirt ad-blockers and complex privacy norms. 

Influencer marketing taps into the trust and organic reach of popular personalities. 

Newsletters bypass the notorious limitations of social media reach, offering a direct line to readers, while podcasts can turn regular commutes into potential ad opportunities.

Future-proof your ad campaigns by diversifying into these channels.