What Advertising Platform is Best for your Business, Brand or Service

Preface – this IS NOT a click funnel begging for your dollars trying to keep a newspaper alive. It’s time someone said it, and I felt led to be that person. Here we go…

In today’s advertising market, it’s had to miss to the self-made millionaires, their e-books, their email stratgies, and so on. It’s all garbage, and it’s a total waste of time, and money.

ANSWER: People trust what (and where) other people trust / position their business.

During covid, a lot of newspapers were literally begging for tips, donations, etc. (some still are) and I vowed to either make it on our core principles of morals, ethics, and honesty or we would shut down. There were a few thin months, but here we are, proudly not accepting any tips, or donations. Enter my opinion per my experience…

So many people and businesses want the quick fix to make a dollar, especially in new business. Social media isn’t it, and will never be. Here’s why.

You’re competing for eyeballs that blink slower than scrolling fingers, you’re competing with every business out there trying to create the attention grabbing artwork, or promo. It is literally endless.

I’ve compiled a list, also throwing in some elements I found to should pose the debate as to why supporting your local newspaper/news source is a better, long-term advertising alternative to showcase your brand, business, service, etc.

  • Social media alone won’t allow you to reach your full audience
  • Social media relies on those who already know you. (friends, family, etc)
  • Platforms (Facebook, “X”, Instagram, etc.) owns your content
  • You ARE NOT guaranteed visibility / might be missed by users.
  • Ad creation is timely and confusing.
  • Consumers highly respect doing business with trusted newspapers (print/online)
  • Reputation management – Possibility of negative feedback that can tarnish brand/business.
  • Low ROI – could be a hefty investment to actually see positive results (if any)
  • Requires active, engagement and monitoring.
  • Doesn’t reach / work for all people / groups / demographics 
  • Difficult to measure response
  • No control over Consistent algorithm changes
  • Information overload / limited attention span
  • Automatically ads credibility to your business
  • Creates a meaningful connection to their community and surrounding areas
  • Large audience reach (website, print newspaper, social media, newsletter, plus…)
  • Target audience demographic – newspapers knows their readership
  • Cost effective with delivered results
  • Visual Appeal that stands out
  • Continued brand awareness (coffee table)
  • Better engagement from initial contact to consumer sales
  • Positive impact to the brand itself
  • Create better relationships with family like value
  • Perceived importance (consumers are widely known to take newspaper ads more seriously amidst the constant worry of social media fraud)
  • Credibility/ reputable / established 
  • You control your brand presence

As a marketing professional with over 20+ years experience spanning from the outdoor industry, pharmaceutical, and small business sectors, I clearly stand for the “mom and pop” businesses of the world who are the backbone to many industries worldwide.

Agree or disagree, I’d like to hear your opinion. Let me know!