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NN Group reports strong business and financial performance and increases targets

Delivering on our strategic commitments

At NN, we help people care for what matters most to them. Our purpose reflects the kind of company we aspire to be: one that delivers sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders. Our ambition is to be an industry leader, known for our customer engagement, talented people, and contribution to society. To realise our ambition, we identified five strategic commitments, with all parts of our business contributing.

Customers and distribution – Improving our offering through new initiatives and partnerships

NN reached a final settlement with five interest groups regarding unit-linked insurance products sold in the Netherlands by Nationale-Nederlanden, including Delta Lloyd and ABN AMRO Levensverzekering. The settlement relates to all unit-linked insurance products of customers affiliated with one of the interest groups and is subject to a 90% acceptance rate of affiliated policyholders that have received an individual proposal for compensation. As part of the settlement, all pending (collective) proceedings with respect to unit-linked products against Nationale-Nederlanden will be discontinued once the settlement is executed, which is anticipated ultimately 30 June 2025. The settlement also includes that no new legal proceedings may be initiated by the interest groups or their affiliated parties. With this settlement we provide clarity to our customers and can finally resolve this issue. To cover the settlement costs, a provision of EUR 360 million was recognised in the fourth quarter of 2023. This includes EUR 60 million for hardship cases and customers unaffiliated with one of the interest groups who have not previously received compensation.

Across NN, we are focusing on improving our customers’ experience through the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI). Our Dutch brand OHRA uses a machine-learning model that automatically drafts email responses to customer claims, enabling faster claims payments. Across our international markets, we are using

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TikTok launches new ad performance measurement tools

TikTok has launched two new ad performance measurement tools:

  • Cross-Channel Partners – which analyzes how ads perform across different online platforms and touchpoints before a purchase is made to understand their overall impact.
  • Lift Partners – this assesses the effectiveness of ads on brand metrics, sales, physical store visits, and viewership for shows or media.

Given that conventional last-click attribution models fail to capture four out of five purchases attributed to TikTok, these new features are designed to offer marketers improved insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns on the social platform.

Why we care. A clearer understanding of the customer journey reveals the returns from your advertising investments, empowering you to make informed decisions about your ad spend moving forward.

Cross-Channel Partners. This feature analyzes the impact of TikTok ads across various marketing touchpoints before a purchase is made. It focuses on two key areas:

  1. Multi-touch attribution: This involves measuring the effectiveness of TikTok advertising across digital touchpoints. It provides marketers with a deeper understanding of the customer’s path to purchase, helping them identify the most effective channels to achieve their goals.
  2. Post-purchase survey (PPS): This survey-based tool integrated with e-commerce stores, helping advertisers understand how customers discover their product/brand and gathers attitudinal metrics (how customers feel about your product). By using the voice of the customer as a source of truth, PPS helps advertisers to gain a more complete view of attribution, contributing to a deeper understanding of advertising impact.
Cross Channel Partners 800x267

Lift Partners. Lift partners gauge the impact of TikTok advertising, focusing on four main areas:

  • Brand lift: This uses an engaging, in-feed polling experience to measure the impact of ads on brand lift metrics like Ad Recall, Awareness, Attitude, and Favorability.
  • Sales lift: Determines how effective advertising is in driving both online and offline sales, especially
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Tealium debuts a new suite of Amazon Ads integrations to help advertisers enhance marketing performance with first-party signals

Tealium Inc.

Tealium Inc.

Tealium’s CDP now seamlessly connects with Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tealium announced today that it has launched new integration capabilities with Amazon Ads, including Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), to better equip advertisers in activating audiences, assessing advertising performance, and overall enhancing real-time, omnichannel strategies in a cookieless world.

Leveraging the integrations, enterprises can further utilize their first-party signals to enhance marketing attributions, reporting, measurement, and audience outreach. This ultimately helps advertisers to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS) and achieve ad conversion goals, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy-centric integrity. Specifically:

  • The connection between Tealium and Amazon DSP allows for enhanced conversion optimization and reporting, both offline and online, in real time. The integration also allows advertisers to better engage with first-party audiences via Amazon DSP advertising campaigns.

  • With Tealium integrated with AMC, advertisers can tap into more signals to improve relevance of advertising engagements and measure more holistic marketing results, enabling a durable and consented conversion feedback loop.

“Tealium’s new integrations with Amazon Ads serve as essential tools for brands to fortify their business strategies in anticipation of evolving privacy regulations, shifting consumer behaviors, and expanding first-party signals in a cookieless environment,” said Matt Gray, Head of Global Partnerships at Tealium. “Regardless of a brand’s current position in the development of their first-party signal strategy, these solutions are indispensable for ensuring business agility and aligning with customer expectations.”

For more information about how Tealium’s integrations with Amazon Ads solve for advertisers’ biggest challenges, visit tealium.com/better-together-tealium-amazon-ads.

To keep up with the latest company news, visit Tealium’s Newsroom.

About Tealium
As the most trusted CDP, Tealium connects customer data across web, mobile, offline, and IoT so businesses

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The Advertising Club collaborates with MICA to introduce online programme on performance marketing, ET BrandEquity

<p>The Advertising Club </p>
The Advertising Club

The Advertising Club has announced a partnership with India’s marketing and communication management institute, MICA – The School of Ideas, for an online programme on performance marketing.

Kickstarting in January 2024, the collaborative initiative is aimed towards empowering individuals with industry-relevant skills and knowledge through a specially curated leadership and management development module on performance marketing, the club stated in a press release.

The programme is designed to help experienced professionals as well as freshers develop contemporary need of the hour capabilities that employers are seeking in order to maintain their competitive advantage, it added.

The 36 hours intense live online programme is curated in a workshop format by the industry and academic experts and will include a significant level of self-study. Designed for advertising and marketing professionals, creative specialists, digital marketing experts, and learning enthusiasts, the performance marketing programme will include live teaching sessions, self-learning, group-learning and will culminate with an evaluation which will include assessments, presentations and quizzes, the club stated.

Spanning nine weeks, the programme will cover the basics and advanced technicalities of performance marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, email and affiliate marketing, SEO and SEM, targeting and audience segmentation, Generative AI, machine learning and much more, ensuring a holistic learning experience, it added.

Speaking on the partnership with MICA, Rana Barua, president, The Advertising Club said, “The landscape of the MarTech industry is constantly evolving. With this programme, we aim to provide a platform for freshers and experienced professionals, and empower them to upskill their knowledge, thereby becoming industry ready. We believe this collaboration will foster learning, transform careers, inspire creativity, and ultimately elevate standards within our industry.”

Mayank Kumar, professor at MICA, further said, “At MICA, we unravel the intricate layers of Performance Marketing, offering a panoramic view of its evolution

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Successful performance marketing is a lot like investing, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

<p>Image Source: Freepik</p>
Image Source: Freepik

I’ve been investing for almost as long as I’ve been a digital marketing professional. I’ve grown to love and learn both with similar passion. The similarities, though, don’t end with me.

What one discipline has taught me has been applicable to the other, and that’s what led me to compile this list of 5 mistakes people make whether it’s investing or performance marketing, specifically self-serve advertising.

1.Over-optimisation: Practicing restraint is hard. Period. Which is why one of the marks of being a successful investor is the ability to not over-trade. Similarly, over-optimising a campaign can lead to you burning money. Marketers optimise everything from landing pages to bidding types so frequently, they can’t pinpoint which action led to which reaction, if any.

2.Over-dependence on AI: AI recommendations are great. Rely on them a little too much and you’re no different than an investor taking recommendations from exchanges. Both exchanges and publishers make money when you profit. But they also make money when you don’t.

3.Over-diversification: FOMO is a great communication strategy, not a media buying one. Marketers forget that when they chase a media mix of infinite platforms just to gain reach. Ever met an investor who made a CAGR of 20%+ with a portfolio of more than 25-40 stocks? More isn’t always better.

4.Excessive churning: Change is good. Knowing when to implement change is gold. For instance, I’ve run some ad creatives for longer than a year, and some for as short as 1 week. If you’re changing landing pages, creatives, or audience cohorts just for the sake of changing, you might as well just hand over your money to publishers. Multibaggers are identified by buying good stocks at all levels and holding on to them with conviction. The same goes for digital advertising.

5.Ignoring the

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Edmunds: The best affordable performance cars

There’s often a point when car enthusiasts are looking to purchase their first new performance car or sports car. Inflation and price creep have pushed many desirable models out of reach, but fortunately, a handful of automakers remain committed to offering thrill-making machines with wallet-friendly price tags. Edmunds’ car experts have rounded up six of the best with starting prices under $33,000. These vehicles have a high Edmunds rating and are listed by the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and include the destination charge.


The Miata has long been the quintessential affordable convertible sports car thanks to its winning formula of rear-wheel drive, low weight and manageable power. The Miata’s 181-horsepower four-cylinder engine won’t impress your muscle car friends, but it’s good enough for a respectable 0 to 60 mph sprint of 6.4 seconds when Edmunds tested it.

In addition to being a smile-making machine, the Miata is fuel-efficient and has ample tech and a decent ride. But as you’d expect, it has a tight interior and a small trunk and lets in lots of wind noise with the convertible top up. If you’re not a fan of the soft top, consider the pricier RF hardtop model, though it will take you above $35,000.

Starting MSRP: $29,215


The GR86 and BRZ are essentially the same cars with subtle differences. These corporate twins are textbook examples of fun-to-drive sport coupes and share many of the Miata’s charming qualities. Compared to the Miata, they provide more passenger and cargo space. A more powerful 228-hp four-cylinder engine also helps these cars accelerate to 60 mph in 6 seconds.

These agile coupes are mostly about delivering a thrilling driving experience. Therefore, their tech is quite basic and their ride quality is firm, especially the GR86’s. The rear

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Revolutionizing Performance Marketing with Connect and Ascend

Marin Software, a leading provider of digital advertising solutions, has recently unveiled two groundbreaking products, Connect and Ascend, designed to revolutionize the world of performance marketing. With a focus on enhancing sales and democratizing data, these innovative tools are set to empower marketers and reshape the digital advertising landscape.

Connect, the first of the two products, is a cutting-edge marketing analytics platform that brings together performance marketing data from various sources. This consolidation allows marketers to access reliable and accurate data, providing them with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns through advanced analytics. With Connect, users can effortlessly gather data from multiple sources, analyze real-time performance data through user-friendly dashboards, and export their findings to Excel or Google Sheets, their company’s data warehouse, or any preferred business intelligence tool.

On the other hand, Ascend offers a unified approach to budget allocation across different channels, ensuring optimal performance. Leveraging predictive analytics, this game-changing tool identifies the ideal level of spend for each channel, maximizing the return on investment. By utilizing Ascend, performance marketers can now make data-driven decisions on how to allocate their resources effectively, resulting in improved outcomes across various performance marketing channels, including paid search, social media, app advertising, and retail media.

These groundbreaking products from Marin Software provide performance marketers with unparalleled insights and AI-powered tools to elevate their results across digital advertising channels. By leveraging the power of Connect and Ascend, marketers can now unlock the full potential of their campaigns, drive sales, and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of performance marketing.

Marin Software Incorporated



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The Future of Performance Marketing

Two years after Apple threw a wrench in the once easy-to-penetrate online marketing ecosystem, Instagram ads remain a tough addiction for fashion and beauty start-ups to quit.

Brands are spending 28 percent more on paid ads on social media, mostly on Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company), this year, according to data from analytics software firm Triple Whale. Many brands say more than half of their marketing budgets goes toward buying ads on Facebook and Instagram. This is reflected in Meta’s own rebound: The company’s advertising revenue fell 1 percent to $114 billion in 2022 but rose 4 percent year-over-year to $28 billion in the first quarter of 2023.

“People never really left [Meta],” said Rabah Rahil, chief evangelist at Triple Whale, which helps brands manage their digital marketing. “They might have turned spend down a bit. There was never an exodus.”

The rules of advertising on the social media giant have changed, though.

For starters, brands today are not as dependent on Instagram for growth. When Apple introduced privacy restrictions in 2021 — letting iPhone users opt out of being tracked across different apps and sites — brands saw their sales plummet as it became harder to target shoppers most likely to buy their goods.

Instead of leaving social media, brands adapted. Before they dive into paid ads, brands are ramping up content on their own feeds — such as short videos that show people discussing their products — so there’s more for prospective consumers who have seen their ads to engage with. Many brands are only increasing their ad budgets on platforms like Meta when they know that the shoppers they’re targeting will spend enough for the brands to generate a profit on those orders.

“What we would observe two years ago was a much broader, inefficient throw

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5 Paid Advertising Tactics to Improve Performance Marketing Boost performance marketing with SEM

Improve performance marketing

If you aren’t optimizing your paid advertising efforts to improve their performance, you aren’t making the best use of your marketing spend.

Marketing and advertising aren’t new or novel practices in the world of business. In fact, they pre-date the industrial revolution. Archaeological evidence reveals that advertisements were carved into the walls of buildings & tombs, as well as on papyrus. It is fascinating to see how advertising has evolved over time; an evolution that brought to life newspaper ads, billboards, events, TV ads and more. The most widespread challenge with these methods was that there was no way of telling if one was more effective than the other, and all of them required bigger budgets to really create an impact.

The late 1900s and 2000s provided some answers to these questions when the virtual world began to boom, with over 5 million homes connected via the internet. Digital marketing started to secure its place in the marketing mix and improved marketing teams’ ability to leverage KPIs like impressions, reach, traffic and more. While these stats provided some answers, they also created an appetite for a more data-driven approach.

This fundamental need to do better gave rise to performance marketing as a methodology. Teams were not only able to measure the number of sales opportunities they created for the business, but they were also able to attribute them to revenue generated. Its significance in paid advertising is obvious. But as technology, customer expectations, and market dynamics evolved, so did performance marketing.

In the current market scenario, with ever-shrinking budgets, these five tactics will help you tailor your advertising approach strategically to ensure it impacts the bottom line.

Tactic 1: Align ad strategy with buyer’s journey

A successful ad campaign is designed to promote engagement and guide them toward a conversion

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TikTok offers brands performance marketing tips in new advertiser hub | Advertising

TikTok has launched a new ‘TikTok World Hub’ to help brands optimise their full advertising potential on the platform by better connecting with audiences and increasing reach.

The hub outlines best practices for using TikTok’s suite of advertising tools, encouraging brands to embrace the creativity and authenticity it affords.

Outlined within the hub are four main areas of focus – creative, commerce, performance and branding. Each area contains video and written content featuring product leaders and product roadmaps aimed at teaching brands how to drive the most value from and optimise their advertising.

Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing at TikTok, said: “TikTok is entertainment that drives impact and brands continue to find unmatched opportunities on our platform. Marketers have shifted from asking ‘why’ they should be on TikTok to wanting to know ‘how’ they can dive in.

“This is why we built the TikTok World Hub to empower marketers with the tools they need to drive full funnel business results all while building meaningful connections with the incredibly diverse TikTok community. We’re excited to showcase how we continue to build our products and solutions to meet the growing demand of our advertising partners as we strive to be the most secure platform for our community and marketers.”

TikTok fundamentals

Alongside the World Hub, TikTok has released the TikTok Fundamentals, an actionable framework for getting the most out of advertising campaigns on the platform.

It offers practical tips for marketers to follow, viewed by the company as the keys to unlocking results.

These fundamentals are:

  • Fuel: supplying TikTok with the input it requires to deliver the best output for a campaign
  • Build: create a baseline by starting simple and then build upon your campaigns
  • Automate: Use TikTok’s automation tools to maximise efficiency and ensure campaigns work smarter and harder
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